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how to sing well? high note?

how can we sing the " high note" ? I'm a big fan of katy perry and I love when she performances live but how can she make the high note ( seems like she screams! lol ) ?


katy perry sings those high note in " thinking of you" or " the one that got away " live some told me that some singers contract their stomach to do this is that true? which is the tecnique?

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    Try some broadway stuff.

    Specifically Popular from wicked or anything that Kristen Chenoweth sings. Shes a really good soprano singer. If you have like broadway soprano notes down you will be able to control your voice to fit artists like Katy Perry! With Popular, it builds up but its works and isn't too high. Listen to the whole song!

    try scales.

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    Practice every day morning@with high notes,take your breath by self could help me

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