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German Homework Traduction?

So I'm doing a summary of World War One Propaganda and i found one that says this '

' Hitler baut auf helft mit kauft deutsche' okay i get it but it just does not make much sense, if someone can help please xxx


* Thank youuuu xxxx

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    I think the word "Ware" is missing. What this slogan is saying: Hitler is building/constructing ("in Germany"). Help by buying German products. It is not easy to translate these slogans.

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    This is nothing whatsoever to do with World War One [1914 - 1918] Hitler and the NSDAP came to power in 1933 - this is from a propaganda poster from the 1930s.

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    The poster is from the 1930's and the full text is "Hitler baut auf - Helft mit ... Kauft Deutsche Ware" ('Hitler builds - You can help ... Buy German goods')

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