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Use these words in a sentence?

Use each of these words in a sentence, but NOT a definition.

Circuit courts


Original jurisdiction

Judicial restraint

Appellate jurisdiction


Judicial activism



Courts of Appeal


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    This Web site (WCCA) provides access to certain public records of the circuit courts of Wisconsin.

    An acquitted defendant will not be required to pay toward his defense.

    The Original Jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice and its Role in the ... lives of the peoples of the region will be felt by virtue of its Original Jurisdiction.

    Judicial restraint is a legal term that describes a type of judicial interpretation that emphasizes the limited nature of the court's power.

    In the federal system, the circuit courts have appellate jurisdiction over the cases of the district courts

    The plaintiff speaks first, the defendant answers him; each is permitted to rejoin three or four times, then silence is commanded, and the judge takes the opinions of those that are about him.

    The Appeal to Reason was a weekly, and its regular circulation amongst the proletariat was seven hundred and fifty thousand.

    "A little group of willful men, representing no opinion but their own, have rendered the great Government of the United States helpless and contemptible" (Woodrow Wilson).

    The California Courts of Appeal are divided into six appellate districts, based on geography

    Prosecutors call Tarek Mehanna a dangerous radical, but he says he's being punished for not turning into an FBI informant.

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    There are many words and phrases in the world that I can use in a sentence but you can't, including circuit courts, defendant, original jurisdiction, judicial restraint, appellate jurisdiction, plaintiff, judicial activism, appeal, opinion, courts of appeal, and prosectuion.

    Do I get bonus points for using them all in one sentence?

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