Where to begin in Terraria Hardmode?

I just activated hardmode with 2 of my buds on my Terraria server, and I think we kinda are screwed over. Cause it's hard. I have about 220 health, and my buds don't have much more, we have a full set of meteor, molten, and shadow armor sharing between us, and some decent weapons. What do we do now? We've blessed the world with the new ores, but we don't even last long in the hallow, so how should we progress? What first? What next? Thanks for any help.

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  • 9 years ago
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    It takes some getting used to for sure. Here's what I always did, I've ran several play throughs. My first one solo and a few with different friends.

    step 1 - Go to the corruption and move as quickly as you can up and down the corruption pits until you find the long horizontal chamber that is littered with demon altars. (If you already know where this is than it will be even easier for you) Have the guy with the Pwnhammer smash as many of those altars as humanly possible before the army of wraiths (4 or 5 spawn each time an altar is busted) destroy you. Try and have the other guys run interference while he does his business.

    step 2 - Now that you have littered your world with ore, check the caves that you have already mined in easy mode (as it will be quicker to search these than to find new ones) and mine as much of everything as you can. You will need cobalt drills to mine mythril, and mythril drills to mine adamantite. After the drills, get yourself some cobalt swords, they do much higher dps than your current ones (assuming they are any pre hard mode sword) After you have those swords, focus on cobalt and mythril armor, from there things will get easier, not easy, but easier.

    Step 3 - Make adamantite armor for everyone and kill the destroyer, use the destroyer drops to make megasharks.

    Step 4 - own face.

    Best of luck.

  • 4 years ago

    i might say maby. whilst i desperate to smash the wall of flesh i had a minishark, e book of skulls, (a drop for skeletron), I additionally had molten armor, (you get this from mining hellstone and obsidian and making it into bars) a knight's side and a helpful tendon bow with fairly some hellfire arrows. and a Phionix blaster a stable tip is to have lots of wellness potions which i basically used approximately 2, i even have been given thorns potion and ironskin

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