What are the occupations in Mexico?

How is the employment rate, jobs, and on average, how much do they get paid in Mexico? (Statistically)

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    In Mexico the government spins economic indicators this way: unemployment rate 4.8%, partially employed and unemployment rate 12%, underemployment rate 9%, rate of people working in the "informal" economy 29.2% Informal economy means people doing odd jobs, working as servants, taking in laundry, selling bootleg recordings and software and such, and everyone else who cannot or does not declare their income to the government and cannot or will not give proof of income.

    Oh, here's another datum: percentage of people receiving a salary 61.6%

    I think that in reality unemployment in Mexico is 20% or more. The same graph from which these data come says that 34 203 625 Mexicans are not economically active, 6 272 699 are "available" for work while 27 930 926 are "unavailable" for work. (?) The job outlook for young college grads is poor. While there are jobs to be filled the earning prospects are abysmal. Some are calling this generation of Mexican college grads the 5000 peso generation in reference to the kind of salary they can expect. 5000 pesos a month is less than 400 US dollars. Average worker income is less than 6000/mo pesos.

    The most recent per capita income figure available is from August, 2011 at $10,311 USD. This varies partly because of exchange rate variations.

    Most Mexicans work in agriculture, low paid unskilled labor, service jobs, retail or factories. Professionals often work in medicine, pharmaceuticals, industrial engineering, business administration and so on.

    CNN reports that while 81% ( 90,000,000) of Mexicans consider themselves middle class only 32% (35,800,000) really are. Middle class is defined as families that make between 13,500 and 98,499 pesos a month. The exchange rate varies, but currently it is approx. 13 pesos to the US dollar.To live anything like an American middle class you need make over 50,000 dollars a year here.

    I live, work, and maintain a family in Mexico. I am also fluent in Spanish unlike your other answerers so I can understand the news and the official reports.

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    nicely in spite of if each and every person else looks to think of that mexican jobs are purely merchandising something to human beings. they're comparable to right here. I certainly have 5 sister-in-rules in mexico. they're: a doctor, 2 attorneys, a instructor and one works with the social protection place of work. additionally, I certainly have 2 brother in rules which owns a pharmacy and the different has 3 distinctive places the place he supplies plumbing pipes and his business enterprise makes all the steel sewer covers. My nephew is a banker and make 6,000 US funds a month. sure there may be alot of agreculture and persons merchandising to the turists on the coastline too, yet Mexico is a great place and has maximum issues that we do. the version is that the learning of persons are extra defined and age performs a great area in who gets the job. So for some this is problematic to locate a stable job, yet there are a number of distinctive jobs there purely like right here.

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    The unemployment rate is about 5%. Jobs are similar to in the U.S. Civil engineer, policeman, doctor, teacher, store clerk, waiter, chef, Ice cream salesman, dentist, x-ray technician, lab technician, computer technician, Walmart clerk, optician, musician, professor,pharmacist, taxi=driver, road worker, house builder, plumber, etc. there are also many people that come around the streets and neighborhoods...like the guy that sharpens scissors and knives, the guy that cuts the grass, people selling corn on a stick or tamales or other food. Job pat a fraction of what they pay in the U.S. A cook in a restaurant makes about $60.00 a week. A teacher makes about $500 a month. doctors, nurses, dentists make far less, and charge far less than in the U.S. Politicians make a ton of money...some of it legally. business owners , like restaurant or hotel owners and professors or symphony players earn good money. People who do not finish high school can only get jobs al laborers and make dirt. Average daily pay in Mexico is $20.00 a day. There are many poor, many rich, and a small middle class.College is cheap and someone with a college education does far better.

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    Idk about rates and all but i know its really bad over there. You could find a job but will get paid nothing. Not only that but everything over there is really expensive.

    Source(s): My family lives in mexico.
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