why is the fastest growing industry in the United States today said to be the prison industry?

The buzz on the street is that the international space station is a prototype for the prison of the future and the historic repetitions of war and peace are like the tide coincidental to the emancipation of women and the abolition of slavery spelled out as fair wages and opportunities and an end to trafficking in exotic pets, plants and cheap domestic labour.

So traders in such businesses begin down-sizing or become the unemployed and like unemployed auto.workers for example begin to protest and lobby for extended grace etc..and although cooler minds may prevail about destructive practises and the need for change temporary restraints seem to be necessary.. but , does it end or just rise and ebb. And love is not an act of possession, Love liberates..

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    8 years ago
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    The prison system is going private.

    Meaning, if the authorities who may or may not be privatized also, will put you in jail for the least little offence.

    The longer you stay in, the more money they make

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  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    i'm adverse to legalization, i'm for normalization and decriminalization. Why? because i do not favor to be paying ridiculous quantities of money for extremely of relaxing. If marijuana receives legalized it would want to develop right into a managed substance like alcohol and tobacco, it would want to be taxed extremely because of the "hazards". also if marijuana is legalized and they catch someone with some thing except the authorities sanctioned pot, the fines and sentences will be even worse than before, because enable's face it the authorities needs their money. besides the undeniable fact that, it really is going to not be "legalized" any time quickly because there is not any logistical thanks to tell apart between authorities legal bud and homegrown. Decriminalization is a a techniques better selection, it would want to really go away the overall technique of shopping for, promoting, growing and possessing a similar, yet there might want to be no fines or prices, and if theres no fines or prices, extra straightforward human beings might want to deal, eliminating potential shoppers' hazards of shopping for from some sketchy broking. i imagine that persons favor to imagine about the actual undeniable reality that marijuana is a plant, and basically enable us burn in peace ... Please!

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