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WWE 13: Most likely roster?

If you pay attention to pretty much every single WWE SvR game and WWE 12, you'll notice that the rosters mostly match how the roster looked in April and May. With that being said, this is what I think the roster will most likely look like:


Alberto Del Rio

Alex Riley

Brock Lesnar

Brodus Clay

Chris Jericho

CM Punk

David Otunga

Dolph Ziggler

Evan Bourne


Jack Swagger

John Cena


Kofi Kingston

Lord Tensai

Mason Ryan

Michael McGillicutty

The Miz


Rey Mysterio

The Rock


Santino Marella

Triple H

William Regal

Zack Ryder


Big Show

Booker T


Cody Rhodes

Daniel Bryan

Drew McIntyre

Ezekiel Jackson

The Great Khali

Heath Slater


Jey Uso

Jimmy Uso

Jinder Mahal

Justin Gabriel

Mark Henry

Randy Orton



Sin Cara

Ted DiBiase

Tyson Kidd

The Undertaker

Wade Barrett

Yoshi Tatsu


Alicia Fox

Beth Phoenix

Brie Bella

Eve Torres

Kelly Kelly




Nikki Bella

Tamina Snuka


Bret Hart


Kevin Nash

Mick Foley

Ricky Steamboat

Roddy Piper

Shawn Michaels

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Trish Stratus

So there's my predictions for the roster for WWE 13. And even though Ryback and Lord Tensai just redebuted, remember that Kharma was in WWE 12 (as DLC, but she was still in the game). I know that most likely some of those wrestlers will be DLC, and others probably won't even be in the game whatsoever, but nonetheless, this is what I think the roster will most likely look like. Do you agree or disagree?


@MellowYellowman: Even if the Bella twins get released later this months, remember, Mickie James was still included in the game the year she was released. I still think that the Bellas will be included either on the game's main roster or as DLC again.

@Derrick: Very, very true. However, I seriously doubt that WWE would include Kurt Angle due to him still being under contract with TNA. Also, I don't think WWE ever acknowledged Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin as much as they should have.

Update 2:

@Trent: Sorry, but no. I do not think that WWE cares about Trent Baretta whatsoever, and I think he'll be released sometime this year.

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    Tony my man that rosters looking pretty good. They just need to add team angle in the legends roster. (Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas) As you know those 3 are the best real wrestling mat wrestlers ever. People like John Cena and Randy Orton don't know what mat wrestling is.

  • I think they will add NXT as a brand and a show in WWE Universe in WWE 13... Everyone just forgot about NXT! I don't watch it but they should be in the Game, If not The Male Wrestlers, The Female ones Should because Katelyn wrestles Part-Time on Smackdown and So does Maxine, Aksana and AJ

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    Take out the Bellas twin.. they will leave wwe this month

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    I like it what about the GM

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    No Barreta AGAIN?!

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