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Well,i'm 14 and a gal and i wanna knw if i can use a cologne and if s whih one is the best and an we use perfumes as colognes?

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    Yes, perfume can come in an eau de cologne concentration (containing 3-8% aromatic compounds in alcohol solution). Generally, they are fairly weak and not very long lasting on the skin. Revlon makes some nice EDCs (like Fire & Ice, Fire & Ice Cool, Lasting etc).

    If you mean, can you use cologne (as in men's perfumes) as a female, then I think you absolutely can. Try Blue Sugar by Aquolina for a great sweet men's perfume that is wearable as unisex. Also fresher men's fragrances, like Versace Man Eau Fraîche, are great for wearing in the summer, by both men and women.

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