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Stick insect hatchling with curled legs?

one of my hatchling seemed to have given up on the last part of hatching and its 'feet' were still in the egg case, I got them out but its legs are al curly and won't straighten out and it only moves when i poke it, is it a lost cause?

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    Some times insects can have complications during hatching or molting that can cause disfigurment. If it's leg is really injured, it will let it go. The good news is that the limb will grow back after a few molts (which should happen very frequently as it's a nympth)

    Stick insects are generally slow and don't move a lot. Offer some lettuce and see if it can get to it easily. If the insect manages to reacth the lettuce with little trouble, you're fine. If it has some trouble getting there (abnormal movement, loss of balance, unusual clumsiness) it may need to be hand fed until it's next molt.

    Just pick it up gently (try to get it to walk onto your hand) and offer some food by putting it near it's mouth. It should begin eating. Make sure to feed it the normal amount it would eat regularly.

    After a few molts, careful observation and care it should be fine to move around on it's own. :)

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    maybe it was born with a condition. look it up

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