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anyone have any info on miniature pinscher skin problems ?

i have a pup that has got little bald patches on her head and neck and her hair looks thinning ??? has anyone had the same problems ? the vet cant seem to find out what it is ! she has had 3 skin scrapings and nothing was found any info would be great ? thanks

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    You've obviously ruled out any type of mange, so I'd consider asking for a referral to a canine dermatologist. Alternatively, if there is a major university in your region that offers veterinary programs, you can take your dog there for treatment with the most up to date procedures..

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    I have a blue big bone doberman. She also has skin problems. The vet suggested she had demodectic mange but it didn't show in any of the 4 scrapings.

    Thinning is very common among the blue and fawn, I don't know if your dog is one of those colors. You should check the thyrode to rule out any medical complications, also common for doberman.

    He could have CDA which causes balding of the dilute dog.

    I have been reading and you should check the ingredients in the food. I'm personally looking for a better brand. Most of the commercial food have to many processed ingredients and other that make it harder for the dog to digest.

    Some people suggested: Wellnes / Natural balance/ The missing link

    I'm going to be trying and see witch alternative is better.

    Hope it helps.

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    I have a minpin as well, the beloved Jack. When we first got him, he had thin spots in his coat, even a bald patch over his eyebrow. The vet tested him for external parasites, etc. All neg, no mange, etc. So he suggested a nutritional supplement called NutriCal. (Its about $8, I got mine from the vet, but any good pet store will have it too.) It looks like a tube of toothpaste, and its a brownish gel. You put it on your finger, tip to knuckle, and let your buddy lick it off. (They love the taste!) Within 2-3 weeks, he had a beautiful shiny coat with no thin spots! Barring any diagnosis of mange or parasites or fleas or hotspots, id suggest the NutriCal. It worked great for us, and I still give it once a week. (Do it everyday twice a day at first, unless your pup has a weight problem. Its a high calorie supplement.)

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