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How Good Is Windows 8?

I Want To Download Windows 8,So How Good Is It

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    I am using windows 8 CP, its not like other win8 haters who are saying that it is bad, its not just a UI change, win8 have memory,performance,security improvements, and the metro interface will be a hit. Some may don't like metro interface but its done well, and it will be polished in the final version.

    Ya win8 is touch friendly, but it can be used with keyboard and mouse as same as windows 7. U will have additional UI called METRO, which is borrowed from windows phone. Start menu in windows 7 is replaced by metro start menu in win8, it does exact work of old menu (actually it does more), new metro apps, app store, live id & skydrive integration, and bunch of many other improvements makes it worth. A learning curve will be there :)

    The consumer preview now available have some bugs(its just a beta!!), app restrictions(few app demos which are not polished well), need improvements. So, ITS NOT ADVISABLE TO USE WINDOWS 8 AS A MAIN OS, UNTIL FINAL VERSION COMES OUT!!

    Otherwise if u want try it, then dual boot with win7 or install it in virtual disk!!

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    These days it should work just fine... You can check the specs of Win 8 from this site:

    It might be recommended so that you can transition better to Windows 10... But Windows 7 and XP work fine for me... heck even the ticket booths in my local cinemas still deploy XP... but for better security, yes Win 8

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    It isn't good in my opinion. Keep in mind this is a community preview so it may change. I would make sure you don't replace your existing install of Windows, do a dual boot instead.

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