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Why doesn't my dog want to eat?

My dog is almost 5 months old,

she recently got stitches and her vaccines.

she does not want to eat from her bowl.

i have to hand feed her or she'll eat it from the floor.

she's hyper.

we give her a dewormer pill every month.

we recently took her to my uncles that is a good 20 miles away the other day.

What could it be?


oh she is a miniature schnauzer.

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    Give her a few days to recover. If she still doesn't want to eat, talk to the vet. If he doesn't find anything, maybe feed less. Many dogs will wolf down more than is good for them and look for more. Others refuse to eat more than than they need. Evaluate the dog as illustrated in this link, You may want the vet to confirm your judgment. Adjust the dogs food and exercise as needed to reach its ideal body condition. Some German Shepherds and other breeds may refuse to eat enough to completely hid their ribs. As long as you are feeding a concentrated, meat based chow, the best thing is to accept it.

    The worst thing you can do is to bribe a dog with rich foods into eating more than it needs. Instead, Put down the dish with what the dog should eat, and give it 15 minutes to eat. Then take it up. Do not give it anything to eat until its next scheduled meal. In a few days, it should be eating what it needs. Continue to check its ribs and adjust the food as needed. This is not easy. I had a Shepherd go 3 days on a few nibbles. I was a wreck, but she was fine. It is almost unknown for a healthy dog not to eat what it needs. Unfortunately, in too many cases, it is less than the package says, and less than the owner thinks the dog should have. Many dogs are quite good at holding out for tastier chow. Like kids, sometimes it calls for tough love.

  • Anonymous
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    She might not be hungry. She could be feeling a little woozy or slightly sick. If she has just gotten her stitches like a few days ago, she might feel like "blah" and not want to eat. Mabey she is just tired or sick of her food. My dog did the same thing for a few days. Then, he started eating again. Encourage her to eat, and try to coax her to eat. If this keep happening, you need to call your vet.

    I really hope I helped you!:)

  • 9 years ago

    cuz its not hungry lol

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