Find a version of a Frank Sinatra song?

I love Frank Sinatra's cover of "As time goes by" but I'm looking for a very specific version he did. If you go to the website Grooveshark and type in "As time goes by" it's the first Frank Sintara song there. It's after two Billy Holiday versions and two by "T" and a Julio Iglesias cover. Any way, I was trying to find that specific version. I can't find it on any of the LPs I've checked, only on Grooveshark.

I hope my question wasn't to muddled. Thank you.

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    Well, it's not the version on his 1961 album "Point of No Return"

    To me, it almost sounds like it's a mono version recorded before his Capital period (1954-1961), with stereo accompaniment added --

    Youtube thumbnail

    His voice isn't *quite* at it's prime in this recording.

    Maybe one of these versions?

    Would need to find a full discography.

    This may very well include it (due to the song length), but I couldn't hear a sample -- or find another one. Amazon would need to correct the link (I contacted them and they said the link should be corrected within 5-7 business days). The first link says the vocal performance was from September, 1945.

    "Frank Sinatra and Guests: Songs By Sinatra - The Old Gold Shows Volume 1"

    I could very well be wrong. I'm just surprised I haven't found anything else!

    He also performed the song in 1942 (Program 167) and December 26, 1943.

    And undoubtedly, other times.

    Your best bet is to ask one of the true fans from one of the links.

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    nicely, to me curiously such as you don''t particularly comprehend Michael Buble that nicely. I understand that some people sense as though Sinatra became a legend (and he's) and that his artwork ought to stay his artwork. Michael reported in his autobiography that he additionally feels that Sinatra (alongside with Dean Martin, Tony Bennet, etc) are greats and he's merely protecting them by using fact it is the music that he has continually enjoyed and that he desires to maintain their legacy alive. That aside, Michael would not /merely/ conceal the songs. different jazz/familiar singers reproduction the songs completely, yet Michael prefers to cause them to his own. Michael Buble is likely one among the main gifted people in todays industry and he's greater of a blessing than a worry thinking a majority of those new age artists who place self assurance in vehicle-track and desktops to help them sell information. wish that facilitates! :P

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