If possible need more answers regarding family history?

Sent off for marriage certificate for my moms parents, i have to send one off again for the whole state of massachusetts, i did one just for lawrence but was returned.

grandmother name: Elizabeth Larochelle

her mother maiden: Eva Mary Grant

her father: Joseph Larochelle

place of birth: Lewiston, Maine

date of marriage Jan 2, 1949

also if anyone know a little about native american heritage

my grandfather;s father was Floyd Mccollum who married ola j bennett

grandfather was born in lake village arkansas


i know the dates have to be correct mom was born nov 30 1950 and i know they married before they had mom, no dates for ola and floyd

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    Arkansas County Marriages, 1837-1957

    Name: F L Mccollum

    Event: Marriage

    Event Date: 06 Apr 1913

    Event Place: , Columbia, Arkansas, United States

    Age: 21

    Estimated Birth Year: 1892

    Residence: Emerson, Columbia, Arkansas

    Spouse: Ola Bennett

    Spouse's Age: 18

    Spouse's Estimated Birth Year: 1895

    Spouse's Residence: Mckamie, Lafayette, Arkansas

    Marriage License Date: 05 Apr 1913

    Page: 191

    Film Number: 988814

    Digital Folder Number: 004329426

    Image Number: 00144

    The rest of these are subscription, but your library or FHC may subscribe. The places are TOWNSHIP (not town), County, State)

    1920; Census Place: Mississippi, Columbia, Arkansas; Roll: T625_59; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 88; Image: 510.

    Floyd L Mc Callum 27

    Ola J Mc Callum 21

    Dalton J Mc Callum 5

    1930; Census Place: Police Jury Ward 1, Webster, Louisiana; Roll: 825; Page: 11A; Enumeration District: 1; Image: 142.0; FHL microfilm: 2340560.

    F L Mc Callum 36

    Ola J Mc Callum 31

    Dalton Mc Callum 15

    Vernard Mc Callum 7

    Alton Mc Callum 3

    May Mc Callum 1 3/12

    1910; Census Place: Mississippi, Columbia, Arkansas; Roll: T624_46; Page: 19A; Enumeration District: 0066; Image: 1370; FHL microfilm: 1374059.

    Mason L McCollum 50

    Ellen E McCollum 43

    Grover O McCollum 22

    Colie V McCollum 20

    Martha E McCollum 18

    Floy L McCollum 17

    Addie M McCollum 15

    Eza V McCollum 11

    Effie E McCollum 90

    Carry A McCollum 7

    Melvy A McCollum 3

    1910; Census Place: Boone, Columbia, Arkansas; Roll: T624_46; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 0059; Image: 1103; FHL microfilm: 1374059.

    Henry T Bennett 49

    Mary L Bennett 42

    Luther Bennett 19

    Oscar H Bennett 18

    Eula E Bennett 16

    L Alla Bennett 15

    Ola J Bennett 12

    Annie F Bennett 9

    Edna L Bennett 6

    Bessie E Bennett 1 7/12


    > i know the dates have to be correct ...

    No you don't. People have been known to lie. One of my great uncles changed his birth date in the family Bible to hide the fact he had been conceived out of wedlock. Born in it, though.

    > no dates for ola and floyd

    Even a decade would help. If you have a birth year for one or more of Ola's children, you can use the fact that most women have most of their children between the ages of 16 and 46 to guestimate her birth year.


    If you do get to an ancestry subscription, use "M*Collum", with the asterisk, for Floyd's family. That will return all four spellings:

    Mc Collum (space)

    McCollum (no space)

    Mac Collum


    "Mc ---" with and without a space is a constant problem with Ancestry. It stymied Joyce B, and she's is as warm, wise, witty, well-read and devilishly handsome as I am.

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  • 8 years ago

    Have you found anything of Familysearch.org or Ancestry that you allow you to narrow down the data you are attempting to search through, Usually once you find the date one an index your can request a copy of the actually certificate. Without a date usually requesting an index for an entire state is very expensive and to request a search without a date is usually not available except in small towns.

    My experience with contacting Massachusetts has been that they expect names, dates and places or the request will be returned without the check indicating that nothing could be found.

    I would suggest that you try using the programs available at Family History Centers to narrow your search.

    Source(s): Genealogical researcher 40+ years, Anthropologists & Instructor - reitred
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  • 8 years ago

    Marriage certs can be tricky..they are public records, but this does not equal being online. And, they are county based. m

    Your research is relatively recent. A woman married in 1949, may or may not have been born by 1930. The 1940 census JUST came out and isn't indexed yet. I tried picking up Joseph in 1930, but there are several of the same name..all in Lewiston!!

    My personal advice, is that you would do better to focus first on birth and death for Joseph and/or Eva. Those dates MAY be on records you have at home.

    With some date for Joseph, even if his death..we may be able to "match" him to the correct one in Maine. Based on what I see so far, each of them will work back into Quebec. The key to success on this, is going to be specifics.


    was trying to get birth and death dates for JOSEPH AND EVA. If you just have an approx. death date and location, that will LEAD to birth year.

    What is needed is finding persons in the 1930 census, and the daughter may have been born after that date.

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  • 8 years ago

    Do you have any dates for Floyd and Ola? There are 4 Floyd and Olas in the 1930 census in

    AR. No McCulloms.

    Source(s): ancestry.com
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