Describe the personality of each One Direction member?

And who's your fave/why?

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    8 years ago
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    Niall- He's carefree! If you watch any of their video diaries, Niall is always laughing, and just always seeks generally happy. However, he isn't that confident. He's stated in some interviews (in magazines & YouTube) now he doesnt really find himself attractive, he only thinks his eyes are attractive.

    Zayn- <333 MY FAVORITE. I love his personality, and I personally think he's the most attractive and best vocally.

    Zayn is sweet, quiet, mysterious, shy (until you get to know him well) and some will say vain. If you ever watched them on xfactor, zayn was to shy to dance at boot camp, but now he's a lot more confident and is becoming less shy. Louis said in a video diary, that Zayn was vain, (who can blame him though? He's GORGEOUS) Some of Zayn's ex girlfriends (Rebecca Fergurson) have said how sweet, mature and romantic he is also.

    Harry- I don't know how to describe Harry. Well, he's said to be quite charming & flirty, in interviews and by the boys. He's outgoing, friendly and odd at times, (if you see him in videos, especially with Louis, "Larry")

    Liam- Liam is reserved, shy, smart, mature and romantic. He's the serious one in one direction, and has been called "Daddy Directioner". I think he's absolutley adorable though.

    Louis- Louis is definently the joker and silliest one in 1D, even though he's the oldest, (20) you'd never suspect it. He's always doing something crazy, and will always be able to make you laugh. He's outgoing also.

    **I HIGHLY recommend you watch their video diaries. Just type in "one direction video diaries" on YouTube. In these video diaries, their personalities show through A LOT. There are several other videos though!**

    Hope I helped, I love 1D, especially Zayn!

    To the person below me, i made a mistake, that doesn't make me less of a directioner by typing the wrong number once.

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    One Direction Personalities

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Louis is not 21. He is 20. Some Directioner.

    Harry - Charming/Flirty

    Louis - Funny/Mischievous

    Niall - He loves to laugh just a happy guy

    Zayn - He is philosophical yet funny

    Liam - Really sweet and caring, and the most responsible

    I don't have a favorite its kinda impossible to do.

  • Harry I personally think is really weird and strange. He does awkward things and if you see his tweets on twitter you know he is extremely confusing. However, all of that makes him really interesting to watch. Harry is just LOL. He is also quite the charmer and his flirting skills are A+ I heard.

    Zayn is the quiet and mysterious one lol well at least that's how the band describes him. He is also extremely outgoing and he makes me laugh so hard. He likes to get deep with stuff and can blow your mind with his logic lol.

    Niall is carefree. He is loud and "special". Haha Niall loves to laugh he is ALWAYS laughing but its absolutely adorable. He really likes food too. He is such a fan girl and he gets along with almost everyone he meets.

    Liam that's my baby <3. I love Liam. Liam is like the sweetest most adorable thing ever. He takes his time out and is so dedicated to the fans. Don't get me wrong all the boys are but Liam showcases his love and appreciation a little more. He is so silly and such a little dork!

    And Louis! Aaaah Louis. Louis is the funny mischievous one. He likes to pull pranks and he likes to call people out. He was one blunt MOFO. I think he is the most honest. Louis always know how to turn something awkward....un- awkward by just being himself.

    I don't have a favorite. All are special and I love them equally in my heart. I can't choose a favorite.

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  • 8 years ago

    Harry Styles - Flirty

    Liam Payne - Smart

    Louis Tomlinson - Funny

    Zayn Malik - Nice

    Niall Horan - Outgoing

    I don't have a favorite in the group, One Direction. I treat them all equal.

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