Managing 3 monitors (2 at a time) with one graphics card?

I have 3 monitors (Well 2 and 1 TV) What I want is a program that will detect when I turn my TV on and turn off my 2nd monitor.

So to be clear when TV is off Monitor 1 and 2 are on, turn TV on, and monitor 2 turns off. Monitor 1 is always on. If it matters my monitors are both DVI and my TV is HDMI.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'd like to know what type of vid card you have and if you can hook up all three seperately. If your card is like mine, it will know when you want to send info to HDMI (TV) and when you're working (scr 1 and 2). Either that or you can just adjust as necessary in preferences. it is a bit of a bugaboo, but you can make it know what it's supposed to do supposing the graph card can handle what you're doing. Anything more, yell at me tomtu r n e r th irty 32 in numbers a t yah oo dot co m (no spaces)

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