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I took two pregnancy tests.. Confused?

So.. Last night I took a early result preg test it came back negative. This morning (because of symptoms) I took another right when I woke up since I knew hcg would be at its highest if its present. The negative line was very grainey looking and not as bold as the negative line from the previous night.. I let a few minutes go by the line still stayed grainey and if you literally look really really close there is a very small hairline of pink. I had intercourse in what will be 3 weeks on Friday. My menstrual cycle is due next week is it possible that I'm ovulating or feel pre-period symptom and that's why I feel this way or more possible that I'm pregnant? Thanks.

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    The problem with the EPT is that it is still best to wait to test until after you have missed your period. While there is a chance you are pregnant because of the hairline of pink, it is also possible that (like many women) it can turn out to be nothing more than a jump in HCG for what might have been a pregnancy. Either way, the best time to test is in the morning and after a missed period (usually 4-5 days afterwards). Retest if you do not start. Best of luck to you.

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    hello chick.... I took a conventional reaction being pregnant attempt 5 days earlier my era became due & it became FAINT FAINT great FAINT useful... I then took a clearblue digital being pregnant attempt then next day & it mentioned no longer PREGNANT.. It became particularly a knock lower back. So then i offered some greater usual boots own sort being pregnant assessments that have been lower back FAINT useful. I knew they could no longer be incorrect so desperate to take the 2d clearblue digital being pregnant attempt right here morning & it mentioned PREGNANT!! so the clearblue digital are stable yet worked from 4 days earlier my era became due :-)

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