I'm a beginner at skateboarding help?

I just bought a ore assemble skatboard what do I need to do to it like loosin it or anything ??

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yo, to the other homie who answered this question...

    You should be able to answer this, the two sports are closely related and, well... In MY opinion, you GOTTA do both ;)

    Anyways, you need a ratchet with a 3/8 inch socket

    You take your board and you flip it. At the bottom of your truck you should see the bolt. It's the biggest bolt on your skateboard, and generally they're pointing towards the centre of your deck.

    A general rule of thumb when tightining - Lefty Loosy, Righty Tighty!!

    The looser your trucks are the easier it is to turn and control BUT you sacrifice A LOT in terms of being able to do tricks (which are imperative to skateboarding... otherwise buy a longboard! I have both :3). This is because, when you flick, the board compensates by leaning, rather than flipping. it takes a lot more force to flip a loose deck because it leans first, THEN flips, like it's designed to do when riding.

    Another problem with loose trucks is that the faster you happen to go, the more likely your trucks have a change of literally falling apart. As your speed increases, your trucks heat up, and this causes and expansion in all your hardware. Too fast, and too lose (hehehe ;)...) and the bolt, washer, and doughnut will fall right off mid ride. You wont notice that until you pick your deck up and realize you've left your trucks behind!! :S eep

    Tighter trucks obviously make it harder to turn smoothly, but MAN can you varial with them.

    also, it's more stable at higher speeds

    So it all depends on what kinda rider you are. I like mine pretty loose. I don't go fast, generally im in the park or a lot or a driveway. I've gotten used to flicking the board even though it's really loose, and I use my longboard to go from place to place

    Also, you dont need to tighten your wheels... that just keeps them from moving, like a tighened bolt would!

    The only thing you should be doing to your wheels is changing them!!

    because pre-assembled boards SUCK. Their bearings are barely and ABEC 2, their trucks aren't even steel, wheels are plastic, and their decks have no shape at all!!

    If you're a beginner that's fine... But once you get any better, I suggest splurging on some real S#!T !!

    That's all!!

    Keep it fresh, keep it real!!

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  • 9 years ago

    You may not have realized it but you're in the Snowboarding section.

    You will probably get better responses if you repost in the 'Other-Sports' section.

  • 9 years ago

    I think you need to take your skateboard to an expert in skateboarding.

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