Where would Eli Manning and Philip Rivers be today had #10 actually played for San Diego?

Between 2006 and 2008, It was widely considered the Chargers were by far the greater benefactor of the events preceding the 06 regular season. Manning was dealt to the Giants for Philip Rivers upon refusal to play, their 3rd rounder(Nate Kaeding) and the following year's first round selection(Shawne Merriman).

In 2005 Shawne Merriman won defensive rookie of the year, Drew Brees almost lead a big comeback but came up short and narrowly missed the playoffs, injuring his throwing arm in week 17.. Thus, not resigned. In 2006 the Chargers became the clear #1 seed after close losses @Baltimore and @KC propelled a 10 game win out of the remaining schedule, despite the absences of Luis Castillo and Shawne Merriman(17 sacks) who was serving a suspension for steroids. Tomlinson(I refuse to refer to him as "LT") broke the rushing TD record and won the league MVP award that year. Nate Keading also made his first probowl that year.

Meanwhile, across the fence, Eli Manning looked like a huge bust. Kurt Warner who temporarily mentored him, said he saw "some of the worst QB play" from Eli while with the Giants. Eli broke the all time franchise INT record twice, including a 4 INT performance vs the then worst pass defense Minnesota(3 for TD's). In fact, he currently holds a 82.1 lifetime passer rating and has thrown over 50 more picks than Rivers.

Unfortunately for the Chargers, Nate Keading became what Mike Vanderjagt once was, a choker.. Shawne Merriman got in trouble with the law and found himself repeatedly injured, has been completely worthless ever since. Tomlinson too eroded into obscurity, he begged for a pay cut so he could come back and sat out crucial games with(and I'm not joking) "a sore toe" till he got let go. Martyball got canned for Norv Turner, quite possibly the most under achieving HC in the history of the game.. Yet despite all this, Rivers became a prolific passer(%95.5CQBR) who threw 4,700yds/30tds with the likes of Seyi Ajirotutu and Legedu Naanee in 2010.

I'll probably get accused of being a sour Pats fan but Eli is probably the luckiest/worst QB with multiple titles since Ben Roethlisberger.. The 07 Giants were barely 10-6, got enormously lucky vs GB and in the Superbowl after the Patriots secondary dropped 3 game ending INT's or Brady getting hurt before the AFC Championship game. Since 2008 the Giants have been lucky to land some freakishly athletic receivers in Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, Steve Smith, and Victor Cruz. Had Eli instead inherited an ancient Keenan McCardell, would he be collecting deposits on recyclables and would Rivers have at least 4 rings by now?


Gates missed half the year after a historic first half, went on IR week 9. Recall a washed up Randy McMichael at TE for SD that year, also VJ is pretty overrated, Rivers has played well without him who didn't become a "threat" at WR till about his 3rd year.

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    It wouldn't matter cause with Norv Turner at head coach the Chargers aren't winning anything with God at QB, much less Eli or Phillip.

    Yes Eli has gotten lucky in many ways. However this year his team was just better than New England. The 5 best NFL teams this year were all from the NFC. It wouldn't be til number 6, the Patriots, til you get an AFC team on the list. Didn't matter who played in the Super Bowl, NFC was winning it. That said, the miracle catch on David Tyree's helmet could only happen to Eli. That was pure luck. Favre throwing the costly overtime interception. Eli has had luck on his side. But so has Rivers, only his is bad luck.

    The year San Diego went 14-2, they lost at home to New England. Then the next year lost again to New England in the AFC title game with Tomlinson sitting out most of the game. Face it. Manning may be the luckiest QB ever, but Rivers isn't as good as people think he is either.

  • 6 years ago

    Just stop it and admit that the Giants made out like crooks with the trade while Rivers and that waste of a team in the west continues to flounder in what has been arguably the weakest division in football for years

  • 9 years ago

    Given that Eli Manning didnt win two superbowls on his own, that it was a team effort with different coaches and different emphasis's offensively, in combination with the fact that Phillip Rivers is capable of performing as well as Manning, i dont think there would be any differences, Eli wouldnt have won any superbowls and Rivers would have atleast a ring. I dont see any skills Manning has that Rivers doesnt have. I could say he maybe wouldve lost to Brady once, but Rivers always came out tops against the other Manning, so why not? Theres no way of knowing but i think the Chargers team is more responsible for River's lack of rings, he gives pro bowl performances almost every season. Eli Manning is a good quarterback with a top defense and top receivers. Put him on the Chargers and see how he likes it. Having said that, i dont know how Rivers would have handled the New York Media. Eli deals with them better than anyone else, with that whole 'I dont care' attitude.

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    9 years ago

    Simple. Phillip Rivers would of been either released or traded and is currently the starter of some crappy team.

    Eli Manning would of won at least one Super Bowl with the Chargers, come on now.

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  • 9 years ago

    The Chargers instead would have 2 Super Bowls and the Giants would be a contender but lose the NFC championship.

    It's not like those Chargers teams sucked. In fact, no other team gave the Peyton Manning Colts a harder time than the Chargers.

    Now imagine if his brother was the quarterback. In 2006-07 Eli would have made the comeback that Rivers couldn't, and in 2007-08 he would have beaten the Patriots in the AFC championship.

    I remember Tom Brady had a 3 interception game in the AFC championship against the Chargers and Rivers played with a torn ACL.

    It calls my attention that Antonio Gates, a top 3 tight end, is never mentioned. They also had Vincent Jackson, a massive target. Ajirotutu and Naanee were 5th and 6th in receiving yards in 2010, behind Gates, Floyd and Sproles, and barely above V-Jax who missed most of that season.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They probably would've traded Rivers to a different team. They both would have no rings.

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    9 years ago

    Eli did break a few post season records and beat our Pats last year without Hakeem Nicks, no? Personally, I feel as though Rivers would be a playoff pansy on any team, as would Tony Romo. Trust me on this, as cliched as it sounds some QB's just aren't winners. Eli shows up when it matters most, I'd rather have that than a bunch of "offensive player of the year awards".

    btw your really cute ;)

    Source(s): a pats fan and a realist
  • 9 years ago

    Defense wins super bowls.

    And calling it lucky is sour grapes. Those [QBs] work hard. A lot of QBs would quit after the pounding Eli took in that Superbowl. NE did their best to knock him down and keep him down.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Eli's Chargers would have taken the Giants, led by Rivers, to the shed for a couple of SB whuppins-just like he laid on Giselle's wife-Tomie Brady.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I possibly think Phil could be in New York acheiving the exact same thing Eli is doing. However Eli is still the better quarterback regardless. He isn't lucky, he's beaten Brady twice in the Superbowl.

    I do think the Chargers will have a decent season this year, Phil Rivers could be feeling pressure to do something good with Manning in his same division.

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