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Can a foreigner become an ARBA judge?what do I have to do?please help?

I'm 18 years old this year,I'm a rabbit lover and wanted to become an ARBA judge.

I've been learning things about each species of rabbit since I'm 16.

but I live in Malaysia.I just don't know where to start & what to do,I've been searching for many information but it just doesn't seems to have my answer ,I can fly to America for the exam or study,but what are the qualification to become a judge?do I need to finish my high school education or in certain age etc..?Do I need to study at there for years?

thanks for helping me to answer! !: )

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    There is a process to becoming a judge. You have to be an ARBA member for at least 5 years. You must also become a registar (requirements for that too) and have registered a certain number of rabbits. After that are tests and you have to work under judges at shows.

    There is more info here http://arba.net/judges.htm

    People who do not live in the USA can become judges, I know there are some in Canada. However, I don't know about other countries, especially over seas.

    You can try contacting ARBA and ask. Since there is a membership requirement, you would have time to find things out even if you were to join today.

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