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Which laptop is better - ACER Aspire 5349 750GB or SAMSUNG Series 3 300E5A?

I like both laptops but I can't decide which one has better overall specs.

The acer has a 750GB hard drive and 6GB RAM whereas the Samsung is only 500GB and 4GB RAM, but the Samsung has a 2.10GHz dual core processor whereas the Acer only has 1.5GHz dual core. Also could someone tell me what graphics card is best; Samsung has Intel® HD Graphics 3000 whereas the Acer has Integrated Intel® HD Graphics with 128MB Ram.

I know because of the price I'm going to have to compromise on some things but I'm a student and if I could buy a better laptop I would! It would be mainly used for the internet and college work but also the sims 3 - would both the laptops be able to support the game without any problems?

I have found some websites with the specs on but I don't really know how they compare against each other. I would just like to know which would be a better choice for my type of usage?

Acer -


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    From what is told the Samsung is a better laptop, it has enough ram and more than enough space to run games if that is what you're looking for. It also has a better graphics card than the Acer.

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  • 8 years ago

    Get ASUS

    proven by consumer surveys, best durability, outstanding performance and quality

    also has nice style. perfect for gaming

    not mention they make the best mother boards, and their internal systems are good and solid

    I have one and i am overwhelmed with how great it is,

    they are built to last

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