Should I try for a Dept. Manager position? (Wal-Mart)?

I've been debating for months on whether or not I should try to get a Department Manager position at Wal-Mart.


I'd be working Monday through Friday, 7-4, pretty consistent, right? Unless I was asked to work nights or something, it'd be a guaranteed 40 hours a week, which would mean I could get my own place and car.

Cons: My department (Garden Center) has seen about 5 different Dept. Managers come and go in the time I've been there. (1 year) So I'm wondering, maybe I should just stay an associate? Every associate there dreads becoming a Dept. Manager, saying it's too stressful.

What should I do? Another Dept. Manager just left, and now is the time to decide.


Another con is I'd have to drop 2 classes that I'm currently taking to take it. But I'm 23 and still living with the mom.

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  • cripps
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    3 years ago

    the baby who already is conscious of a thank you to run 2 departments on the comparable time -- Wal Mart administration LOVES human beings like this. Plus, leaving early would be a strike against you. Sorry.

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  • 8 years ago

    My advice to you is not to do it unless you are able to fully commit to it. Being in that kind of position for Walmart is extremely demanding and stressful, and you not only will be held accountable for everything, but you stand a good chance of having to take a lot of the blame if something goes wrong in your department. Walmart has become very demanding as far as what they expect all of their employees to do now (and in my personal opinion it's going to be the biggest cause of their downfall in the end) and as a result they have a very high turnover rate overall.

    And as far as Walmart is concerned you won't be guaranteed 40 hours a week. If they decide they need to make cuts to peoples' hours so they won't have to pay you as much (and that will be entirely the reason) the only way you'll be getting your 40 hours in a week is if you put in vacation or personal time.

    Source(s): Former Walmart employee
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