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Windows 7 blue screen?

So I started up my computer and went downstairs. When I came back up my computer was fine but there was a message saying that my computer had to restart due to the blue screen. I just want to know what could have caused this and will it happen again. Is it something I should worry about. Because other than that my computer is running fine.

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    Anything under the sun could have caused it. In order to find out what caused it you would need to have written down what the error said. Your blue screen logs are stored in c:/windows/minidump

    go there, find the dump file (.dmp)

    download this to read the dump file

    post the text of the dump file in your question.

    This page explains how to do it:

    If you do not have a dmp file then your system is not setup to record the crashes.

    you can google to figure out how to setup to record them.

    In that bluescreen error message it tells you what caused the problem

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