Different mood in the morning? Why?

in the afternoon and especially at night, I'm very passionate. about pretty much everything--love, education,life,friendship,self-improvement

But in the morning, I'm a lot more.. the opposite. It's not necessarily bad because I'm more reasonable.

Yea, reasonable is the right word. I'm more calm and I can see everything from objective view. whereas I sometimes don't see that when I'm all emotional(not at the extreme level)

For instance, I would say pretty cheesy stuffs and something about the "future" with my girlfriend at night. and the next morning I would recall what I'd said last night and think 'I can't believe I said that.' and I'm always a little embarrassed about what I did last night.

They're not too extreme though. Like, I would understand why I had said that last night in the morning, and I kindda know that I will regret what I'm about to say the next morning. But the problem is that, at that moment, I don't see anything wrong(not as in illegal) with being this.... irrational.

Another instance: when I was in highschool(yes, I was like this my entire life. though I realized this when I was about 17), I would all of a sudden decide to do this performance at school. I audition for it and perform. and for about one to two weeks, I would be embarrassed by the fact that I did that kind of thing in school, even though I know that my performance wasn't bad.

It seems like the "morning me" wants to say 'why the hell can't you just live quitely? study hard. do what you gotta do.'

And even at night, I understand that. but its pretty hard to resist that feeling.

Why is this happening?

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    9 years ago
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    I suppose after a full day, your mind has been active and you have been involved with people and experienced emotional reactions to them and their own emotional reactions. In the morning your mind has been cleared through the meditative qualities of sleep and you are therefore more objective and less swayed by emotion.

  • 9 years ago

    It may be you have a split personality ..... You can download simple tests on the net ..... and have some idea of where you rate.

    Source(s): "Drunken sailor"
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