Confused and need help to understand a girl, I love.... please helpp meeee!!!!!?

Hello Guys, I posted a question similar to this before, so copy-pasting the description here... my question is different here.... Please answer me......... I am very very confused and saddd...!! 

This girl is no ordinary one. She is truly an amazing person...!! but, she is confusing me these days.....

She is my junior in college and loved me wholeheartedly for year and a half. during that time, I always treated her as a best friend and I never thought beyond that... Later, I flew to US for doing my MS. However, we were constantly in touch using Gtalk until January last year, when I told her to move on and she sort of moved on... and had a long-distance relationship with a guy who was always behind her for years(she never liked him). We were in touch even after she is with this guy.. but, she never told me about him...... One day, I really thought that she is the right one and tried to give a hint that I started loving her too, on phone.... she cried saying that its too late and told about how she agreed to that guy who she never like much..... we kind of fought with each other....... and didnt speak to each other for months........... That was the time, after 4 years that I never spoke to her for MONTHS.... At that time, i realised her importance........ and was always regretting about my behaviour when I was in college, back in India..........

One day, she pinged me on gtalk and said....they hated each other for so many things and within 6 months they broke up........

Now, she is talking to me, only like a fren..... nothing more than that.... Although, she knowsss I am truly in love with her......dying to see her and talk to her....

We speak for hours and hours on gtalk.....these days..... but, she chats as if " im just, one of her" casual frens

She always used to say things like miss you, love you etc……. before and always use to put a lot of smilys in the conversation before…….. but, these days, the conversations is very straight and simple……. But, she laughs if I play a joke…. She puts smileys ocassionally…… and when I say miss you, she just replies with :) but doesn’t say miss you too or somethingggg…..!!!

I feel she stopped loving me and I am really confuseddd and sad........ I will never loose her ever again………!!!! Not even in my dreamssss :( I miss her so much !!!!

Please tell me how to proceed in order to win her back……

Only serious comments pleaseeeee...!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hey Sky, reading your story above I feel she really still loves you but considering she was on the other side of the table earlier and now she nows how much need you have for her she is just taking time and she doesnt want to act anxious or show this to you. I would suggest take a gradual approach over here as she is going through this phase where she wants to 'show' that she needs time. My suggestion here is that keep your life interesting by engaging in activities like that, talk to her about that. Do invite her off and on for things you guys can do together and off on and make her feel special. Considering you are going through this phase now, you are kinda predictable and she has a set behaviour for it. Once you make your life more interesting and at the same time be consistent as a friend to her, she would start getting insecure that you might move on and will take the next step or let you do that by giving hints. Good Luck!

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    3 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    hey boy.. well ma samaj sakti hu tumari problem. the reason im using your language is because. mujhe rest of the answers achay nai lagay..

    yaar truth is.. 6month ke relation is nothing ( personal experience)...wo aj bhe tumay pyar karti ha but she needs someone to hold her now. you see..

    she loved you.. u left her. wo aik or larkay ke taraf gai.. and he left her also.. ab she is broken.. and.. she don't know.. whether she should move on .. or stay back.

    . tumaray sath masla yay ha kay u asked her to move on.. and that had hurted her bohat.. :) i won't say that tum usay bhoot jao.. because im sure you both need each other..

    make her happy. not by joking. but my differnt things.. like tell her that you will find an ala banda for her.. and u will ask him to take her on a blind date.. ( in short jo tum karna chahtay ho.. wo aik aur guy kay via you will do ) say tht ... i am sure.. she would love your words as you will be the love guru.. :) and in her mind she would want you.. rather then that other guy.. uska mind divert karo.. sad say happy ke taraf lao.. try cam chat.. and see tht kiss baat say uski eyes may shine ati ha .. :)

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    just keep talking to her and she will fall for you again its only a matter of time

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    when you left to go to college, she probably felt like you left her and she got upset and sad like you are. so maybe her feelings for the other guy got stronger, so they went out and broke up. Because you haven't spoken in so long she probably feels she can't trust you as much as she used to. Before you went to college it sounds like she liked you lots, with all the smiley faces and what not, but when you went to college i think she thought that her chance was over, so she moved on. now you are back in touch she sees you as just a friend.

    Your love for her seems very strong. if you love her that much you will not let go of her. Maybe arrange (if you can) to meet up and have a nice talk over a drink or something and tell her how you feel for her and that you never want to let her go.

    hope i helped and i really hope that your relationship gets better.

    good luck!!

  • 8 years ago

    You'll never realize the importance of something/someone until you lose them completely. Well i would say just tell her the truth about how you feel about her.

  • 8 years ago

    This is a serious reply. Let go and move on!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    never run behind running bus and a girl!

    wait another will come my friend..

  • 8 years ago

    well which ever way you put it you have blown this one away so MOVE ON yourself.

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