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make/deliver the invitation

HansCard ______ the invitation in person with flower arrangements

especially for our special customers.

A. benefits B. delivers C. makes D. responds

答案是 B

疑問:deliver 不是要接 to sb. 嗎? 這裡用 make sth for sb. 意思也不錯啊@@


還是哪裡有陷阱 我看不出來>O<



Why we can't use " responds" here ? Becasue of the "meaning" or the grammartical error?

Thanks a lot !! This question quzzles me a lot@@

By the way, I like the way your answer, I mean, in English

Update 2:

應該是 you 不是 your@@

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    The point in this question is "in person". Only "deliver" and "respond" can use with "in person". "make" shall be used with "by hands". However "respond" doesn't fit the meaning of the sentence, so you choose "(B) delivers".

    By the way, if you want to use "deliver ... to sb", you shall write the sentence as:

    HansCard delivers the invitation in person with flower arrangements especially to our special customers.

    However, for the above and the questioned sentence, their meaning are NOT the same.

    "for our special customers" means "為我們的特別顧客"

    "to our special customers" means "給 (至) 我們的特別顧客"

    To use "make sth for sb";

    HansCard makes the invitation (by hands) with flower arrangements especially for our special customers. (you can omit "by hands" in this sentence, unless you really want to indicate how the invitation is made)

    In a word, when you try to answer this kind of question, you shall NOT JUST base on the Chinese meaning of the phrase you memorize. You shall base upon the logic used in the sentence to determine which word has a better fit in the meaning.

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    By the way, you can say:

    You made it in person (你親自來了).

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    Master 26535 has supplemented the additional question you have. I fully agreed with, there is NOTHING more I can add.

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    Master 26535! I have NOT seen you for a few days. Are you busy with your TAX? I am !

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    I am glad you have NO objection with my ALL English (almost) answer. Some others might not be fond of this at all. However, since I don't know how to type in Chinese, so I guess this is the only way like it or not. The Chinese in my answer were done by cut and paste.

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    Can I friend you? i want to learn precise English ~~~

    My English is so-so, but certainly you can make friend with me, so we can learn from each other.

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    OK, then have a happy trip!

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    I would say the main reason not to use "responds" is the missing of "to". Of course, it is also unusual to, but not weird, respond to an invitation with a flower arrangement, unless you are courting a princess and trying to find every reason to send flowers.

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    Do I need to do tax? I thought all american royalty is free from taxes (and death as well)! Nope, I am traveling right now and hopefully will be home in a few weeks.

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