my son is 3yrs old and still babbles. is it because hes bilingual?

hi my son just turned 3 on February 2012 before when he just turned 2 he use to make noises for me to give him something now he points and says the word ese trying to say it in Spanish. English means (that). or he says Ethan no stop it! and also says eat when hungry and pipi when he has to go and says please, thank you, bless you, excuse me, goodnight bye, see you later. i love you. HUG. but babbles in between as well.

he understands in both languages English and Spanish but he still babbles. he says some sentences complete but sometimes other's is just a word then he babbles is this normal at this age? the doctor didn't say anything about his speech when he had his physical 3 weeks ago. my sister n law says its because i don't read him to many books and starts comparing him to other children who knows how to speak at 2 and says because they read books everyday. and my sister says its because he is learning to speak two different languages. i really want to know which one is true.

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    He is probably fine if he is using words grouped & has a general vocabulary. Babbling doesn't have to go away completely for quite some time. If you aren't reading to him regularly though, you do need to. It is so so good for them & good for you too. It will help him tremendously to build his vocabulary his attention span & will help later with reading comprehension. There is NO good reason not to read to your kids, so you just need to make a point to do it every day. At first it is hard & they pay little attention (at least boys often don't) - mine both were/are wiggly many times at 2 & most times couldn't set through a while book - but by three most times they will set through 3 or more books & bring books to you to read.

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    It is normal and every child learns at a different rate so no one should be comparing him to the next child who could talk at 2. I don't think it is either of those things but they could both play a small part but it doesn't mean anything bad. He will get there in his own time and when he does you will look back and wonder what you were so worried about. Within the next couple of years he will be talking your ear of in big sentences and you wont even remember how he is now.

    No need to worry right now.

    Source(s): Experience - 5 year old son.
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    Kids do babble sometimes, but with this the main thing to do is watch his behavior. Is he hitting his head on things in tantrums? The floor, a wall, anything? Sometimes slow speech and this behavior is accredited to a hearing issue. My own little brother had the same problem when he was little. He would talk a little, but most everything was babbling if he cared to open his mouth at all. My mother couldn't understand it, and when she took him to the doctor because of his behavior, she was told that he was having hearing issues. Not to worry though, this does not mean he is deaf, as a matter of fact my brother is fine now. It just takes a little time to grow from if it is not a severe thing. But like I said, pay attention to the rest of his behaviors because funny enough, they all tie together somehow!

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    My son speaks Japanese and English.. He turned 3 on March 6 this year

    He does not babble

    If your doctor didn't say anything then I assume the rest of his skills are probably fine so maybe he's just taking his time.

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  • 8 years ago

    I am no doctor but as per my understanding if he is understanding you well then there isn't much to worry about. He does speak words and sometimes sentences and that is good enough. Healthy comparison is good but don't do too much of it.

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