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Looking for Some Advice and Stories of Experience from Current Airforce Members?

I've been thinking about joining the Airforce and I'm currently looking into every possible thing I can. I've been to a few sites where people have shared their experiences in the Air Force, and I've yet to find one from a current member.

Has anything changed? Is it basically the same (day to day life, job opportunities, the like). Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Well here is an example of some of the people you might work for ( thank goodness they are a small minority )

    I had a NCOIC, ( the boss of my duty section ) who once ordered me to water the grass outside the building in the middle of a heavy thunderstorm

    Why ? because regulations said the grass has to be watered at least once a month, and it was the last day of the month and the grass had not been watered yet

    So i stood in a big bay door out of the rain with a water hose and watered the grass as rain was pouring down outside.

    Luckily the gods smiled on me, and my squadron commander came back from lunch, saw me watered the grass, did a double take and walked up and ask what i was doing

    After I told him, he said I could stop and went to his office.

    About 3 mins later, the Chief of the squadron stuck his head in the duty section and told the NCOIC that the squadron commander wanted to see him

    Butt chewing time

    2. Another time, i was stationed in Guam, got there on a friday morning guam time. by the time you actually get there, you have been awake for almost two days - then you have to inprocess the day you get there for the next 8 hours

    So after processing in, your released until the next monday morning

    Well the base had a alert called that sat morning - so everyone was called to go into work

    My NCOIC ( didn't know who he was at th time ) did NOT call me, since he knew i needed sleep and didn't have a security badge yet, so couldn't do anything anyway

    But this tsgt E-6 ( dumber than a rock ) in my duty section, noticed i was not there, so called the barracks , got the CQ to come get me to the phone and told me i needed to come into work ( I didn't even know where i worked at that point , only that it was in a secure area, i had no access too )

    I ask just how i was suppsed to get there ( it was 7 m,iles away ) and he said catch a ride.

    So i got ready, found someone going in that direction and caught a ride to the squadron headquarters

    Then spent two hours waiting while they got it set up for me to be escorted into the area without a security badge.

    Got to work, first thing my NCOIC ask, why are you here, i told him i had been called and told to come in

    The NCOIC was like " jesus freakin christ" what idiot told you that

    well that idiot was sitting next to him

    The tsgt had just decided on his own, i just had to be there

    My NCOIC told the duty section, first person to go to lunch to take me back to the barracks and he would pick me up monday morning

    3. You will run into idiots like those, at every base you are assigned too

    Most units try and shove them into a duty position where they cannot bother anyone else

    Like Technical order monitor - who update the tech manuals you use to do your job

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