What colleges have dance management?

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    9 years ago
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    Oklahoma City University's Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Arts Management (the best one)

    Youngstown State

    Salem College offers it as a Minor.

    Then there are ones with similar minors:

    --Baldwin-Wallace: Arts Management

    --Long Island U - C.W. Post Campus: Theatre, Film, Dance, & Arts Management

    There are also schools that let you design your own major, also called "Interdisciplinary Majors" so that might be an option. These include but are not limited to (as there are a lot)--

    --Hampshire College (big plus: you can take classes, including dance classes, at the 4 other colleges in the consortium that includes Hampshire--UMass, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Amherst, which also offer create-your-own majors. Hampshire and UMass aren't as strict about creating your own major, so they might be great options...especially UMass)

    --Mount Holyoke

    --Amherst (but they are a bit more strict with majors)

    --UMass Amherst

    --Centre College


    --Indiana U Bloomington


    --U Richmond

    --U Illinois


    --NYU (Gallatin) (would be a VERY good choice for you)

    --U Washington

    --James Madison

    --Sarah Lawrence


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    4 years ago

    the only way you need to pursue dance in college is that in case you dance for stimulating basically or perhaps think of roughly coaching. Your experience is extremely very limited and your are too previous to realistically think of a pair of occupation in dance the two in modern-day/jazz or extraordinarily ballet. maximum women human beings that make a occupation of dance are in expert companies by skill of the age of 18 have 9-10 years of dance and a TON of expertise and a burning hobby for dance. regardless of all that ,<a million% ever make a occupation of it. follow business enterprise administration and take dance as a minor or basically for stimulating.

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    9 years ago

    TWU in Denton, Texas has a very well thought of dance program.

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