will perforating the eardrum help the ear infection?

I have what im sure is an Ear Infection of some sort, I am just wondering if it would be better to treat a perforated eardrum or the Ear infection itself...

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  • John
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    8 years ago
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    Ear infections should really be treated with antibiotics after a consult with a practician, since the bacteria/virus is in such close proximity to the brain it can quickly become deadly if left on its own for more than a few days after the start of discomfort/other symptoms.

    There are ways of treating an ear infection just as symptoms are starting to come on and soon after it begins, but once enough bacterial/vira material has gathered then the immune system won't usually be able to handle it before serious life-long complications happen such as hearing loss.. Perforating the ear drum would empty the fluids, but then there'd still be infectious material laying around and it'd have nowhere to multiply into besides actual flesh which it would do very quickly if your immune system isn't strong enough to handle it (perforating it yourself would also cause some hearing loss which is no good).

    However since I can't force you to make a trip to a doctor's office or to not perforate it, I'll give you a home remedy for ear infections that should help your body clear the material whether you poke your eardrum or not..


    Read it carefully so you know what variety you need, and dose as designated on the bottle when you do find the right brand for it.. Get a rush delivery or buy it right away at a grocery store like wal-mart or target so long as it has the appropriate genus' labeled on it.

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  • Lori
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    4 years ago

    You MUST keep up with both prescriptions as prescribed. Your daughter is probably reacting more to the process of getting the drops than how it actually feels. I am sorry that you have to deal with this, but it is VERY important that you keep up with the regiment. I had ruptures in both ears 3 times before I was 6 months old. If you do not care for the problem properly you can suffer hearing loss. Unfortunately many ear infections can lead to rupture very quickly since the area which is infected is so small so it doesn't take much to burst.

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