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How to overcome bullying?

Okay well there it seems like whenever I go somewhere I always get talked about. Like, today how my own cousin was saying rude things behind my back to this girl who is a few years older then us. She was leaving me out, ditching me, calling me names.. && then I got a text today from a random ID that had said hurtful things. Such as, b**** ,piece of s***, ugly, disgusting , etc. I'm just sick of people making fun of me && spreading stuff behind my back. What do I do?

Btw people make fun of me because my hair; they call me emo ? && they make fun of my feet..&& they make fun of me of how I'm ''weird''? Cause well I'm one of those people that would scream through the halls && pass notes with the teacher mostly because its fun && I like having a good time? Whats wrong with having fun && being yourself?

(Some examples of things that they say to me alot).

Please help.;/

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    I know how you feel, I was bullied for all of my intermediate life, what you really need to do is tell someone, I know that this seems scary, and that you don't want to get in trouble for telling, but this is honestly the best thing you can do, Now days teachers take bullying things very seriously. Also don't reply to the texts, if you get three texts, that you don't reply to, you can take them to the police/mobile phone company and they will block the number from your phone, track down the person who is sending it, and delete this person's number, so they can no longer use their number/phone. If the bullying remarks are very bad, they bully can even be taken to court for threatening you in an emotional way.

    You said that one of the bullies is your cousin, you probably don't want her to get in trouble but honestly, she won't stop until you tell someone. Arrange to meet with one of the teachers/deans/counsellors in private and tell them. Trust me, I told on the bullies who were bullying me and they all got suspended/expelled, they got all of this marked on their permanent records, they all had to write letters of formal apology to me, and also some weren't allowed to go to the Colleges they wanted to because of me telling.

    sorry about the bullies but if you tell, they can't hurt you because the teachers will be on the look out for you after you've told, hope this helps

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    First, tell your parent(s) and/or an authority at your school about it. Then hang in there. I know bullying is hard to deal with, I've been through it, but just know that everything is going to be okay! It all gets easier.

    And another thing... Try not to let the bullies get to you. If you don't let them upset you, then they won't have anything to talk about, and they'll probably leave you alone.

    If you ever get really depressed about it, and feel like you want to put yourself in physical harm, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you tell someone, and don't let anything happen. Promise yourself that you'll do that.

    Feel better... I know how hard situations like these can be.

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    It still angers me knowing people are going through this, as I dealt with alot of it myself when I was at school.

    First, it is a very positive thing that you are able to have fun and be yourself! Doing those things are awesome and keeping that as you grow up will be valuable for you!

    The best thing to do is let go of the emotions and insecurities around this. I use a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the more I let go of fears and insecurities I noticed the less 'crap' I got from people. The more strong and confident I become inside, and the more I let go of the things that attracted this stuff to me. The less it happened and when it did, the better I could deal with it.

    It does take temporarily feeling these emotions, and past experiences and letting them go, but it is very worth it in the end with how much better you feel.

    I have an introduction to EFT here


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    I watched an awsome movie the other day. Its based on a true story. Fat Boy Chronicles. It was so inspiring! Also it sounds like you need Jesus . John 8: 32 ( The Bible) says, Who the son( Jesus) set free is free indeed. He died on the cross & rose from the dead so you can live in eternity in Heaven with him, instead of Hell with the the Devil. All you need to do is ask Jesus in to your Heart. Ask him to forgive you of your sins & to come into your heart, to be the Savior & Lord of your life. He has been longing for you for a long time. :) Also you need to get a Bible as soon as possible.Also you will enjoy Keith Moore ministries. You can watch him online for free. Another good ministrie in Jessie Duplantis.

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    i get bullied i think everyone does sometime somewhere i reckon someone should form a gang and go around in a big group and scare the **** out of them i would join a gang like that

    i get all this just not from my family i get called an emo i had my face burn't, hard things thrown at me

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    My cousins came over and they hurt my feelings and I cut my wrists :( I know this isn't gonna help but ignore your perfect

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