Is there a mp9 like airsoft gun. I don't want an mp7 cause those are like $300 I want one for less then $100?

Or another small aep. Not a scorpion

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  • 8 years ago
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    Actually there is the WELL mp7 for about $115.

  • 8 years ago

    There aren't many high quality airsoft guns that will last you a while under 100$ other than spring guns. And there aren't many electric MP9 type guns because there isn't a very good place to store a battery inside it along with the internals resulting in either a low FPS gun or a very low quality gun that runs on AA batteries. Your best shot would be an MP5K/MK5 (the MP5 with out a stock). They seem to be the smallest other than the JG scorpion and those will run about 110-200$ and they are good beginner guns. If you don't like the MP5 look, then there are AK-74 sub machine guns that are slightly larger, but are still considerably small and are anywhere from 100$-500$ depending on the quality. There are also P90s and JG SP-3s

    Here is a good website to buy from

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