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Tupac Vs. God in a debate on facebook?

n a media sharing site he typed "Everyones waiting for jesus to return im waiting for tupac".

He was obviouslly a big fan and all his pics had tupac. He is attending harvard.

The girls who dissed him said this as their arguments.

1.He's just a rapper

2.He's not greater than jesus or god

3.Tupac didn't die for your black @( I thought this was racist, but she was black and I felt it was like if you have a black butt it's less than any other butt...)

4.All he did was write

5.He didn't do anything in the world but write

6.Why is he dead and jesus alive

His arguments

1.I feel tupac has affected me more than jesus IMO

2.He didn't do anything? He told the youth to stop begging for handouts and get up get out and make something, Mhis mom was a drug addict,faced life, and he was a drop out and he became highly educated a millionaire.

3.We can prove tupacs real can you do the same

4.Show me something jesus done that can be traced to him

5.How do you know he's god

I liked the guys status because even as a christian he said IMO after every statement they acted as if they had fact. The guy was also in college and the girls going to community college.

Also tupac never claimed to be god, or even the best rapper just the realest. Who put the salt in their drink?

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  • Janet
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    4 years ago

    This is quite the question and one that you will never get anywhere with a JW,as they are not going to listen to any of the arguments that we have, even though they are bible truths. You have to remember that they have the "Almighty Watchtower" that is the official communication with God and they believe only what comes through them not us as we are a part of the system of things run by Satan, we are Christendom, not Christians. The Jehovah's witness are the only true Christians. They have God (Jehovah) and god (Jesus) you know Michael the Archangel. God created god and then used his first creation to create everything else. I guess they think, for some reason, that God (Jehovah) needed a little god (Jesus) to create all [other] things for him, as he wasn't up to the task that week. You know he (Jesus aka Michael or Ronald McDonald) was the firstborn over all creation, so he had to be the first created, although in the book of John it tells us that all things were created through him and for him and nothing that had been created without him. So he must have created himself or he was as John 1:1 pointed out the "Word" and the "Word" was God and not created but was God. However, that would not fit into their theme of things and diminish the control techniques they use to control the JW's. I completely agree with you, but like I said before they are not going to listen. They have been very well prepaired for this question and have all kinds of answers or comebacks for this question. No matter how wrong they are. You also have to remember that it is the "Almighty Watchtower" whom control the JW's and they totally believe that they have the truth and we do not. But keep on asking the questions and plant that seed of truth in their minds and maybe they will someday listen and research on their own and come to the real truth.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Tupac is coming back in 2014. He lives in Cuba under the fake name Santiago Smith.

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  • J
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    8 years ago

    I never much listen to Tupac to be honest too busy I guess.

    Yo! it's me Jesus.....back and still eating the fruits and seeds as God ordered in Genesis, from beginning to end....

    and to prove I'm the real deal I explain (in all languages as promised) how I performed 2 miracles feeding the 5000 and the miraculous catch in my key video "the announcement". More will be revealed in due course over the next while as the world wakes up to the reality I am back. Of course some will say I am an imposter but the reality is no one will wonder how the miracles were performed anymore as my truth will be embedded in the minds of man and everyone will know it's the truth even if they deny me in their hearts. I urge you to Spread the video (facebook-Jayzus Christo, twitter-@themessiahme, email etc). to doubt is normal but oppose or censor me at your peril. Those who muster faith and pass on the video shall be rewarded (although perhaps despised by many).

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    Love Jesus reincarnate.

    PS. there is no contradiction between God and science as I explain briefly and succinctly

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    Plus the new calendar, not so new but the easiest and most universal true celestrial calendar.

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    PPS. The Quran is expired.

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    plus one especially for athiests.

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    and catholics

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    for creationists

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    PPPS. PLEASE don't anyone waste your time replying with OT/NT quotes about warnings of false messiahs, many coming in my name etc! I know the bible..... it just so happens I'm the ONE who understands it and is sent to fulfil it.

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  • swerve
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    8 years ago

    cool beans

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  • 8 years ago

    LMAO great question

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