When a guy says he's attracted to you..?

Hey guys, so there's this guy ; and our families have known each other for 11+ years and they're really close. Me and him have always been shy around each other, like when they came over, or if we all went out to dinner we never talked, he was always shy and so was i. And now recently, about 2 weeks ago. He started talking to me, and we've hung out a couple of times, we're 3 years apart and a couple of nights ago we were just asking each other questions and i asked him "what do you look for in a girl" and he said I like a girl who's smart, sexy, has a nice personality and playful" and i just kinda put a smiley face..and he replied with "and you have those traits, that's why i'm attracted to you." and i was shocked. Today we hung out again, and we kissed a couple of times and i'm single but he has a girlfriend and they've only been together since last summer and it's a long distance thing. And i started feeling uncomfortable so i asked him if he felt wrong or weird. and he said no. and i asked "well, wouldn't she care, she loves you" and he said "no, she doesn't....i know what's right" And he always says really really cute things, but that got me thinking and i'm kind of falling for him, and i really like him. But the fact that he has a girlfriend is really confusing me. Any advice?

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    If he was truly attracted to her and wanting a long term thing with her, he wouldn't be sending out those signals to you. I can understand your confusion, though. Maybe tell him you're not comfortable with this while he's supposed to have an official girlfriend. If he breaks it off with her as a result then that will show where he stands with you. If he wants the best of both words then I'd back off from him.

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