Dark coloured urine & very lifeless?

My 22 month old has been unwell for a few days now. He had a really bad cough and runny nose, went off his food and his temp was up and down. I thought hr might be getting chickenpox as my friends daughter has got it and he has been around her a lot. He normally drinks loads.but hasn't been, maybe 2 bottles a day. He has been very lifeless and sleeping a lot. Yesterday he was straining and them started screaming. When I changed him his stool was loose. This happened twice again today. Also today his urine was dark (i would say tea colour). Any idea what could.be wrong?

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  • 8 years ago
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    No idea but sounds like a virus. Please keep your child's fluids up - he should get about a tablespoon of water an hour to keep from getting dehydrated. The dark urine indicates that it could be concentrated from lack of fluid and the diarrhea definitely indicates he's losing fluid. Frozen pedialite bars may help with the fever. Sport drinks have the salts needed to get fluids moving in the body too. I know the rules have changed for giving pain medicine, so call the doctor's answering service and see if it's OK to give tylenol or another pain medicine according to your child's weight (and give the weight). This will help with the fever. All you can do is make him comfortable. And, ask the doctor what symptoms to look for when you should definitely bring him to the hospital. I hope you both feel better real soon.

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  • 4 years ago

    First, we are speaking approximately your wellness. in case you do not elect to bypass to a health facility or see a surgeon/ qualified expert. maximum communities supply 24hr on-call nurses that are qualified to characterize you. There over 30-40 issues it must be. Compounded by potential of all your variable. The to blame answer is; no you will attainable answer your question. understanding the little information provided. Now, provided there at the instant are not the different indicators. it may be triumphant to renowned. Are you excreting great or small quantities of urine? if your answer is small. eating some extra glasses of water could elect this. remember. intake of dark liquid or ingredients with the valuables to reason urine to darken. 6-8 glasses is the counseled quantity each and daily. This somewhat won't harm. even although, to not improve your concerns. the prospect nonetheless remains it must be a demonstration of something extra severe. If increasing your water intake makes no distinction or there are the different signs and indicators. seek for a medical expert.

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  • squidy
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    8 years ago

    22 month old what? This is the gardening section. If you want answers from people who know about the subject matter, post in the right section.

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