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Anyone with some advice about Qatar travel?

I'm traveling to Qatar shortly and I would like to know if anyone has an tips for me? By that I mean what to wear, how to act and where to go.

I'm also I little worried about being female in this country

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    9 years ago
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    I live in Qatar! I'm from America, and I think its nice here. There are so many single women here, don't even worry about being female in Qatar. Women drive, go to university, hold high level jobs and political positions. As for what to wear, remember it is still a Muslim country. Try to have shoulders mostly covered (although that rule is not really followed), and skirt/shorts that reach no more than 1 inch above the knee. For private beaches, normal swimwear (bikinis etc) is allowed. Most women that come here don't end up dressing that differently than they did in their home country.

    How to act. Don't be a jerk? lol. What I tell people coming here is, arrive with an open mind. Don't form judgments until you have been here a substantial amount of time. Its a great place if you give it a chance, and if you are willing to really explore it. I really don't know what to say about how to act here. Just act like you would anywhere else.

    Where to go. There are actually some really nice places to go. Let me make a list. I'm assuming you are staying in Doha (the main city).

    1) Katara Beach/Promenade

    2) City Center Mall in downtown. I recommend staying at one of the hotels attached to it.

    3) Corniche (water front promenade). Amazing photo opportunities here. Al Bidda (Rumeilah) Park is next to it and really pretty.

    4) Dhow ride in the bay.

    5) Museum of Islamic Art.

    6) Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art.

    7) Landmark Mall. If you are coming after December 2012 there will be another 2 malls attached to it called Ezdan Mall and Gulf Mall.

    8) Villaggio Mall (Venice themed mall). If you hadn't caught on, there are a lot of malls here. At Villaggio, take a ride down the canal.

    9) Desert Safari and dune bashing/sand skiing.

    10) Inland Sea.

    11) Souq Waqif (traditional market).

    12) The Pearl artificial island. Nice place to walk around and have a glass of wine and dinner with a view.

    13) Al Khor (seaside village). Come here for a nice quiet lunch.

    14) Archaeological ruins (some date back to the stone age). Arrange this with a tour operator.

    15) There is water sports and stuff near the Lagoon. I haven't done this, so I am not really sure.

    16) Aspire Park. Nice greenery right between Villaggio and another mall called Hyatt Plaza.

    17) Camel race.

    18) Gold Souq. Cheap amazing jewelry.

    19) Doha Fort (historical site).

    20) The Mall (yes, that is the name of it).

    That's all I can think of, but I'm sure there are more.


    1) A good place to have lunch is C Ring Road. Its also very walkable in that area of town.

    2) Avoid hotel restaurants. They are overpriced in a city filled with good quality cheap restaurants.

    3) You may want to consider renting a car. The city is very car dependent as the metro is not complete. A lot of new people are intimidated by the driving, so I'm not really sure how you will feel about it upon arrival. If you don't want to, there are a lot of taxis. Make sure you only get in the green government run taxis called "Karwa". Don't get into private taxis.

    4) For good Arabic food, try Turkey Central on Al Mirqab St.

    5) If you are into shopping, Doha is the place for you! Shopping is somewhat of a sport here (sad, I know).

    Doha is very safe. I have never had any problems or worries concerning safety and security. If you have any other specific questions or concerns just post another question and I will look for it or google search Doha travel. Have fun!

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    4 years ago

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