Should this be ABC's 2012-13 schedule?


8:00pm: Dancing with the Stars (performances - fall/spring) / The Bachelor (winter)

10:00pm: Castle


8:00pm: Last Man Standing

8:30pm: Why You're Not Married (new dating sitcom)

9:00pm: Dancing with the Stars (results - fall/spring) / Secret Millionaire (winter)

10:00pm: Red Band Society (new medical drama)


8:00pm: Malibu Country (new Reba McEntire sitcom)

8:30pm: Cougar Town (new night and time)

9:00pm: Modern Family

9:30pm: The Cult of Mac (new childhood sitcom)

10:00pm: Turner Loose (new jailhouse lawyer drama)


8:00pm: Being Erica (new dramedy based on the Canadian series of the same name)

9:00pm: Grey's Anatomy

10:00pm: Private Practice


8:00pm: Wife Swap (fall) / Shark Tank (mid-season)

9:00pm: The River, Missing or GCB

10:00pm: 20/20


7:00pm: Primetime: What Would You Do?

8:00pm: Wipeout (fall edition) / Primetime: Family Secrets

9:00pm: The Avalon (new kitchen musical drama)

10:00pm: Hangtown (new western drama)

Other mid-season shows:

Ex-Comm (new White House drama)

Legal Affairs (new Steven Bochco drama)

The Middle

The Secret Lives of Husbands & Wives (new Jerry Bruckheimer drama)

Under Construction (new Ashley Tisdale sitcom)

Weitz & Wong (new family sitcom)

You Won’t Even Know I’m Here (new Jim Belushi sitcom)

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    9 years ago
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    No your forgetting Happy Endings(which is likely to be renewed), Revenge(also likely to be renewed), GBC(Likely to be Renewed)Suburgatory(Likely to be renewed), Once Upon a like(Likely to be renewed),

    Your forgetting those 5 shows and those are more likely to return in the Fall not mid season

    Wipeout will return in the Summer/Winter

    Not all Pilots will be picked up just so you know

  • 9 years ago

    No not at all there your missing so many shows that are sure to get renewed and shows that are reviewed to be definate picks for next seasons new shows i believe this will be the shows to get picked up cancelled and renewed not including their non scripted shows...



    Greys Anatomy

    Happy Endings

    The Middle

    Modern Family

    Private Practice

    Last Man Standing

    Once Upon A Time



    Toss Ups:

    GCB (If it got renewed they would never move it to fridays)

    Scandal (Think it may get renewed for mid season)

    The River (May possibly get renewed for another short season of 8 eps)

    Cancelled/ Ending:

    Desperate Housewives

    Cougar Town

    Body Of Proof


    Man Up

    Dont trust the B In apartmenr 23

    Work It

    Charlies Angels

    Pan Am

    New Series (Sure Things):

    Mistresses (show is already picked up, it was a straight to series pick-up)

    Last Resort (The script has been called amazing)

    Gilded Lilys


    Prarie Dogs

    New Series (that could go either way):


    How to live with your parents for the rest of your life


    666 Park Ave

    Beauty And The Beast


    As for some of your new series picks there werent even picked for pilot orders and some were pilots from last year that wernt picked up

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