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Do you agree that Sachin wears a mask of a good guy?

After seeing Dhoni and Sehwag and after noticing Sachin I tend to feel that he is wearing a mask of a good guy.Dhoni and Sehwag might have been wrong for coming out in the media but atleast they dont pretend,you may like them or you might not but they are being the person they are.Sachin somehow seems to have mastered this act of impressing people and getting into the good books of people and stay away from controversy.Dhoni was frank enough to say that all that he wants is a bungalow and a bank balance of 5 lakh rupees.He doesnt lie like Sachin who says "My passion is cricket" and amass wealth.He wears a mask.I'm sure non Indians will agree with me on this


Well,Amassing wealth isnt a bad thing but keeping an image of a saint who says that he wants nothing but amasses wealth is considered as wearing a mask. Like I said, Dhoni dint sound like saint when he said that all he wants is a bungalow and 5 lakhs bank balance,there is nothing wrong in that but he is being honest out there.

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@RSRD,He might be smart enough to keep an innocent face, deceive people into thinking he is a saint and all that but certainly not a yogi.You can be diplomatic,politically correct,nice and suave but beyond a point it all looks obviously fake.Thats where a little bit of honesty can be refreshing and that's what Dhoni did

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    Problem being not many non-Indians would answer to your post, it would be mostly Indians & you are right, not many would agree with you either. Yet when a post has Indian content, I feel, I should post there.

    You are saying that Dhoni's statement is a fact or what Sehwag says & does on & off the field, is precisely what you see. Then you are mistaken for sure. Dhoni might have already amassed 5 thousand lakh rupees, not just 5 lakh, why didn't he stop at 5 or 50 lakh, if he was so honest.

    Any person who plays for a money minting team, is out to make huge sums, not just paltry sums. We won't know their true worth, till I.T. dept. actually opens their a/cs to say that this player is worth this much.

    Yet its impossible to wear a mask, for all you life, you are bound to drop your guard once or twice. Have you seen Tendulkar doing that so far, No. But I agree with you, he must be wearing a mask for sure, as he is a private person, who deals with Indian public in a certain way but that mask has become his reality now. He has to live & die with that mask, till he is playing for team India.

    Not everyone is accorded his stature in Indian team & they earn according to their potential. Tendulkar has started this big money deals, which are benefiting both Dhoni & Sehwag, along with other big names. Tendulkar set up his price base long ago, where a half a great player as Tendulkar has the potential to earn big. So nothing wrong in Tendulkar the great raking in the big moolah, as he deserves it..

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    Non Indians will agree with anyone in every negative thing said about Tendulkar. So you can feel assured for your last line. How can you say he is wearing the mask of a good guy? Can't that be real? Anyway, he is a public figure and he does what is right for his image. When Obama says he wants peace in Syria, do you still feel the same? Deep down his heart, he might feel the other way but because he is the president, he has to say and do so. You have to be cautious in your every move if you are a public figure. Those who don't do that perish. take the example of Shoaib Akhtar. He couldn't handle the fame, led his preferred life and subsequently ended up ending his career much before.

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    I agree with you because I look at him with unblinkered eyes,unlike Indian fans.He has been caught ball tampering on several occasions but has bribed or bought his way out of it each time.And surely no real Aussies could forget his lies to cover up for Harbhajan after the racial insult to Symonds? I find it it amazing that at least two here are willing to overlook the fact that between Sachin & Bhaji they managed to end the career of a very good cricketer in Symonds.Say what you like about Symonds,but if CA & ICC had supported him he would still be playing cricket instead of gaining the reputation of a bad boy.No,I do not respect Sachin one bit,& that is my reason,had he been a decent human he would not have lied to ICC.

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    What does it matter?

    Sachin is one of the best players to have graced the sport. That he's passionate about cricket is evidenced by the records he has amassed.

    Mr. Tendulkar has been playing cricket for over two decades. That calls for commitment of the stellar sort.

    Source(s): I have been a fan of the sport for years.
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    Some time i got surprise to think that peoples have so extra time for others to point out things..!

    Kindly stop & ask yourself, " R u a human of perfection?" No matter about Sachin or anyone else but yeah M sure if you put problem here sure you will get some unique suggestion. Don't get me work its simple.

    Happiness is the biggest gift of life.


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    I can't endorse much of what you say, but I know how fake he sounds whenever he turns down the argument that he plays cricket for his personal records more than the team's cause. From all his words and actions, I've yet to be convinced he puts the interests of the team above his.

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    Sorry to disappoint you, but you are making no sense. Staying away from controversies, earning lot of money, helping needed people, having innocent face aren’t crime, if it is, then Mother Teresa, Rahul Dravid, Mahatama Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand, Bill Gates, Waren Buffet are criminals too. You are making only tool of yourself. Any average intelligent man will never be agree with you. He is always friendly with his fans and colleagues. Thanks to God after every achievement. Always decent to oppositions. Never sledges on field. Always polite while talks. Never abuses and always answers sledgers or bad mouthers with his blade. Always walks to the pavilion whenever he thinks that he is out irrespective to umpire’s decision. Off-ground he has contributed a lot to the society. Sachin Tendulkar has financed some NGOs who work against Cancer, Polio and Aids. Tendulkar now sponsors 200 underprivileged children every year through a Mumbai-based NGO. He said that he is following his father’s footsteps who sponsored the education of a newspaper boy even during the days ‘where every penny mattered,’ A request from Sachin on Twitter raised 1.025 crore (US$204,487.5) for the Crusade against Cancer foundation. Sachin Tendulkar devoted all of nine hours to the 12-hour Coca-Cola-NDTV Support My School telethon on 18 September 2011 that helped raise 7 crore (2 crore more than the target) for from the creation of basic facilities, particularly toilets for girl students, in 140 government schools across the country. Sachin paid the whole cost of hip replacement surgery of Dalbir Singh Gill, a former cricketer who played with Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar at Under-17 level. Dalbir met with an accident when his motorcycle collided with a tanker. He was in coma for eight months. He suffered multiple brain injuries and lost the power to walk. Now to get him back on his feet, Dalbir undergone a surgery to replace his damaged hip balls and the Rs.6 lakh expense would be borne by Sachin. Dalbir’s mother wrote a letter and sent all medical reports to Sachin. Within hours he responded saying he would take all the responsibility of his friend. Once Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara managed to raise an impressive Rs 5 lakh on her own for charity. 13-year-old daughter Sara was participating in the Dream Run at the Mumbai Marathon to raise money for a social cause. "I always wanted to participate in the event with my grandmother, but couldn't do so earlier as I was underage,'' she said. Sachin and Anjali Tendulkar were preparing to celebrate their daughter Sarah’s birthday in October, 2009 when she bowled a googly to her dad. Sachin said, “We were preparing to celebrate her (Sarah’s) birthday when she said that she doesn’t want a party at home. We were a little surprised. She wanted to have a party at (the slums of) Govandi and wanted to share the goodies with the (slum) children there. We felt really proud when my daughter said this.” Said Sachin Sachin Tendulkar endorses social advertisements free such as for Polio. Recently he didn’t charge a single penny for his participation in an awareness campaign encouraging people for census in 2011.

    Gentleman like Sachin born once in 50 years.

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    SRT is one of the most scrutinised cricketers of all time, so of course he is going to want to remain apart from controversies, the limelight etc, I genuinely believe that. How do you know that SRT is not been honest? Do you have intimate knowledge on the matter?

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    Not agree

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