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Should the NHL change it's playoff format?

Division winners are guarantee a Playoff berth, and not the higher seed. Imagine, under that format Florida would've been the 7th seed Pittsburgh the 2nd. In the West Phoenix the 6th seed, and Nasville the 3rd. Then, kind of a semi-NBA playoff change, you have the better regular season teams in the semi/conference finals barring a upset. Hmmmmm reason why MLB format, Wildcard winner can't play the same division opponent. Ah, wanting a Yanks vs. Red Sox ALCS.

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    in the next 2 years, they will change it. There will be 4 conferences. 2 with 8 teams. 2 with 7 teams. The Top 4 in each conference goes to the playoffs. They are seeded 1 vs 4. 2 vs 3. Higher seeds get home field advantage. After this, the top teams in each conference with be seeded based on league record (I think) as 1 vs 4, 2vs 3. It goes on to the Stanley Cup.

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  • 8 years ago

    dont worryn to much it will change next year in where the top 4 of each dicision will make the playoffs

    when they go to 2 divisions in each confrence

    thus a team with a better record than one or even 2 fromn the other divsion could be left out

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  • Who cares? No matter what the format, there are problems. Every teams knows the rules when they start the season, so nobody has a *****. The format is what it is, live with it.

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