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Pet Ideas, for a 10 Gallon Tank?

Back in January I bought a 10 Gallon fish tank, set it up, cycled it, I had everything ready for it, however the aquatic pet that I was getting from a friend passed before my tank was ready. For about a month now I've been thinking of what to do with it. I still have the filter running and the lights on timer and everything. The point is, I really want to get a pet, I was thinking a frog, but the only full aquatic frog that I found was ADFs and ACFs. Soooo maybe a semi-aquatic frog? I don't want something common though, so maybe a newt? Could that even fit in a 10g? And please, don't say Axolotls because they're illegal in New Jersey. :( Any ideas?

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    The possession of Axolotls is illegal in New Jersey

    Axolotls are on the endangered species list

    The possession and transportation of Axolotls is illegal in the State of New Jersey ... lslapp.pdf

    You will find it listed on page 5

    The following also CANNOT BE POSSESSED OR SOLD due to difficulties in determining morphological differences among several species (but is not limited) to the following: Axolotls.


    Philip Vena

    Founder of

    We Protect Axolotls

    4531 Cornell Avenue

    Downers Grove, IL 60515-2609 USA

    (Near West Side of Chicago)

    Phone: 1-630-390-7070

    email Address:

    Axolotl Forum:

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    You can get a green anole which is a sub-tropical lizard there total setup Is around 50-90 dollars and there pretty cool

    Source(s): I own a bearded dragon and a green anole
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    shrip,mystery snails, a pair of ADF's (A breeding pair), A community tank of female bettas(Fun to watch and rare to keep)

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    you could empty the water and buy a leopard gecko. they are easy to care for and they are great begging lizards. this is a good site to look at info.

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