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How much should I feed my frogs?

I have 8 African Black Clawed Albino frogs and they are a few years old so small - medium sized. I have been feeding them cubes of frozen blood worm all their life. I put 2 cubes in the tank every 3 days. Is this enough or should I be feeding them more? Thanks

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    That is not enough. At all. If you are talking about a couple years old ACFs and not dwarf frogs, then they need at least a 4 inch earthworm each every three nights, or at least 10-15 cubes of bloodworms to share. However, you are likely talking about African DWARF (clawed) frogs, which are only around 2 inches long. Still not enough food. If it's every other day, try more around 4 cubes of bloodworms,

    Source(s): I breed ADFs - have 16 adults.
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