Navy nuclear enlisted questions?

1.whats the college credit i recieve after the trainning?

2.whats the average day like deployed and not deployed?

3.what kind of careers can i have after the navy from just a 4-5 year enlistment and what would be the starting pay for those jobs?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I can try to answer it my son is a Navy nuke student. It takes 2 years of training to become one. He has another 6 months of training left.

    The amount of college credits you earn depends on which nuclear rating you are and which college you apply to; some give more credits than others. This varies by a lot.

    The most credits is if you are a nuclear Electronics Technician. You Navy training will be acredited 86 credit hours by ACE. EMs get 85 credits and MMs get 75 credits.

    You cannot get a 4-5 year enlistment as a Navy nuke. The program requires 6 years of active duty, the first 2 years of that is your nuclear traning. Your starting pay depends on whether you go in the nuclear field after the Navy and what watches you earn. If you earn EWS (engineering watch supervisor) you can go right to Senior Reactor Operator training at a utility this is paid training. Same thing and slightly better is if you qualify for EOOW (engineering officer of the watch). Careers include nuclear reactor operator, also jobs in the semiconductor industry, petroleum industry, electric power industry (non nuclear), quality assurance, and the defense industry. Starting salaries vary but after a couple year figure on making over $100,000 a year. Good luck.

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  • marje
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    3 years ago

    The alternative is yours. However, preserve this in brain: If you make a decision to head Officer you don't rely closer to the Recruiters enlistment quota..... (and FYI Nuke is a 6yr energetic dedication to get that bonus now not four, that's 16k earlier than taxes and also you most effective get 50% up entrance then the leisure is split up into annual installments) Look on the pay scale variations among Officer and Enlisted, do not get blinded via that 16k, within the 6yrs it could take you to gather it you could make way more as an zero.... as I mentioned, it's your alternative, however I could alternatively have a stateroom with one roomie at sea as a substitute of eighty.

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  • 8 years ago

    1. approx 70 credits

    2. doing reator watch's IE: sitting in a chair and watching dials all day

    3. You can try and get hired by a nuclear power plant as a Operator trainee

    The big issue is, there are very few nuclear power operator trainee positions open every year

    Like between 5 and 10 each year in the US

    and there are literally hundreds of nuc sailors leaving the service each year

    b. Nuclear power operators make approx $55,000 a year, after topping out ( 5 year process )

    They do NOT make anywhere near $100,000 a year

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  • 8 years ago

    "3.what kind of careers can i have after the navy from just a 4-5 year enlistment..."

    Navy NF enlistments are 6 years for first termers.


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