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How safe is london underground?

Is it safe to travel alone on London underground at about eight o clock in the evening. I am only seventeen and im quite small. Is it safe? I have not been to London alone before so i wouldn't know.

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    Inside the actual tube it's quite safe as there are lots of commuters during that time. I regularly travel on London trains after 8 (I'm quite small as well just to let you know!). The world is crazy wherever you go though, so just take care.

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    Yes the London underground is safe around 8pm at night as there is lots of other people travelling at that time of night. Most tube stations are well lit, have recorded CCTV and also a number of help points should you need assistance.

    Just bare in mind that the most common type of crime on the tube is pick pocketing so keep an eye on all your bags keeping them zipped up all the time and keep you valuables such as your purse in your front pockets or inside coat pockets to make it difficult for someone to pick pocket you. Also plan your journey/return journey out in advance and have you ticket ready to hand instead of looking through your bag for it.

    I've also attached a link to the TFL website which has more safety tips

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    The London Underground is safe to travel on. The chances of getting mugged or attacked are very slim.

    Like anywhere else in London, you have to be on the alert and be aware of your surroundings and keep your valuables safe from pickpockets.

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    I never travel alone after 8pm on the underground, it might be "safe" but the truth of the matter is you do no feel safe, which is not a good sign.

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    Yes its safe.

    You're not going to be murdered on the underground. Its still fairly busy at 8pm.

    Just make sure your valuables are sealed away.

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    yes it is .. its not dangerous becoz there is cops around just dont fall asleep :P

    i went to london when i was 14 for the summer vacation (last year)

    i used to take the underground train almost every night and im still alive :P

    its pretty safe


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    The tube is fairly risk-free, the only project you have is being pickpocketed. this is different from being mugged as you do no longer even know approximately it, so which you will never be traumatised by ability of it, yet you nonetheless won't have any stuff!! verify you shop your valuables hidden away, fairly if your travelling at a hectic time, you would be in crowds so no longer even experience somebody dipping you. i do no longer know what style of bag you have yet around the physique ones are reliable you may positioned on in below your coat, and function your money etc in and so be no threat of loosing the numerous stuff. lots of people make the errors of putting it of their rucksack, this is ordinary to open for others. aside from that, the underground is fairly risk-free. there are a number of underground "attendants" even whilst its quiet, and there are continuously human beings utilising the tube. (next week is 0.5 term so there will be various of youngsters out and approximately with father and mom, and that they us the tube basically aftet rush hour etc). additionally at busy stations like Paddington, and King go (?) they do have police, yet this is basically rather for tutor. Its no longer using fact its straight forward for individuals to be injury, attacked or mugged on the tube. In that area of London, back it rather is fairly busy, and there are a number of human beings walking approximately, so it rather is extremely no longer likely you would be attacked basically walking alongside the line. Many many vacationers/visitors make the transition to Paddington, so which you will basically be between the gang. It sounds stupid yet London is fairly risk-free, you in a nicely populated "ordinary" section, no longer a coarse one, and your no longer on my own or there on the lifeless of evening. mothers do difficulty, yet such as you have reported, many human beings make the journey on a daily basis, and additionally you would be certainly one of them.

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    I have just got home from work (just before midnight) and I had to stand up because the tube was crowded. Just make sure any valuables are hidden and you should be fine. Most people travelling at around 8.00p.m. are people just making their way home from work, or on their way out.

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    Should be fine, cant promise anything obviously. But at 8 oclock on most weekdays there will usually be buisness men using it to get home.

  • Of course it's safe. With the route I go, I can travel (slightly) drunk at 2am and I haven't been kidnapped or raped yet.

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