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Do gorillas have a lot of testosterone?

They are certainly larger than humans and chimps, but according to wikipedia, and the source that wikipedia links to, gorillas have the smallest of testes compared to humans and chimps. Does body size necessarily mean there is more testosterone? Or does that depend on testes size? Chimps have the largest testes of all.

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    They have small testicles and penis, mainly because they live in family groups dominated by a single silverback, who has monopoly access to multiple females. Chimps, OTOH, live in groups with multiple males, who cooperate to hunt and defend the group's territory. Therefore there is no way for any chimp, even the alpha, to monopolize all the matings. Instead, male chimps fight a secret war by evolving larger penis and testicles than the gorilla. The strategy is to have more sperm and the ability to place the sperm closer to the female's uterine opening.

    Humans probably lived in similar, multi-male groups when our ancestors first set foot on the dangerous savanna. Accordingly, the earliest hominds had reduced incisors, which indicate less male-male combat. Early human society may have been even more promiscuous than chimpanzee society. The sperm wars among early hominid males probably was the reason humans have adopted one of the strategies of the chimps and evolved the longest penis among all primates. Humans are the only primates without a penile bone. The loss of the bone enables humans to evolve the largest penis of all the primates, both in terms of absolute size and in proportion to body size. The longer penis allows its owner to place sperm even closer to the uterine opening than a chimp can.

    The testes are not the same as testicles. The testes are found inside the testicles. Gorillas may have smaller testicles, which stores less sperms, but they do have testes to produce the male hormones needed.

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    I've googled and binged the same question. Do male Silverback Gorillas have less testosterone than humans? But I can't find a good verifiable reference for ****. I read somewhere, if my memory is correct, that Gorillas don't have as much testosterone as human males and that chimpanzee males have 10 times the amount of T as an adult man. But I can't cite the above information if I can't find a reference or remember where the hell I heard this.

    This is a really important question to answer and I need citations, so please, somebody throw me a bone. Any primatologist around?

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    Why would a parent punish their child for not listening to them? possibly because they are trying to protect their child and maintain a good relationship with their child by not having them regret not being protected? also the appendix is part of the immune system, not digestion in humans. The coccyx is not part of a tail, is is required for certain muscles and sitting. That list of vestigial organs was over 250 items long a century ago, and it is much shorter now due to scientific understandings of the body. just because you don't know what is used for, or what it does doesn't mean it does nothing. saying its a result of evolution is no better than saying God did it, so don't bring the vestigial myth without looking it up.

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    Silverback Gorilla Penis

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    "The testes are not the same as testicles."...WTH? Yes they are.

    "testicle...Also called testis"

    "testis (plural testes..." -> redirects to ->

    Testes, aka testicles, are the glands which produce the androgens ("male hormones").

    "The testes are found inside the testicles." No, they're not found inside themselves. Maybe you meant to say "The testes are found inside the scrotum."

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