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T J asked in SportsCricket · 8 years ago

Congratulations to the English fans,for a fab win & retaining their no.1 Test position,which was at stake here?

They are ready for next series in Asia, as they have played lot better in the 2nd Test.

SL managed a win in the 1st Test but pitch didn't help them, as much as Eng, as Swann came to the fore, along with Cook & Pieterson in batting.

Now South Africa has to do its own hard work, to displace England, as they have also stayed at the top, pl share your cricketing thoughts........

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    8 years ago
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    I have been very pleased that the pace attack has been absolutely marvelous on wickets not normally seen as helpful to that type of bowling. Swann also has regained a bit of form and Panesar performed brilliantly as a back up.

    With a bit of of application, they could have won two of the three Test Matches in the UAE as well. They did have good first innings leads in those games. When they next come to the sub continent they will have their work cut out against India who will perform much better in home conditions, and youngsters like Kohli and Yadav will have gained more experience and will have been firmly "bedded in" by then so they need to improve against spin.

    Yes great batting latterly by Cook, Trott and Pieterson but the England set up must know that the willow wielders in the team need to do more to help those bowlers who have been putting in long stints under a hot sun. Thanks for your rather sporting e-mail btw, it was a great tonic! :)

  • Pex
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    8 years ago

    I think England played well and so they deserved to win it and deserves to be in the top and I think Pieterson and Swann played very well and from Sri Lanka Mahela and Herath also played very well so overall it was a good series for both the teams (a bit sad with Sanga's preformence but I'm sure he will play well in the IPL for DC) and by the way I think DD will be also become more stronger as now they have in form Mahela and Kevin for their team.

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    Sri Lanka was able to wrap their victory inside 4 days but the POMS had to struggle and the match went to the 5th day. Nothing to crow about considering the fact that the English are No.1 team. Of the spinner the best in lot was Herath with Randiv following closely and comparing to them Swann or Monty were nowhere near in quality. Their opening bowlers lacked penetration. Fielding was not upto the expected mark of a team coached by one of the best fielder in the world.

    When they visit India later this year, they are bound to struggle.

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    Congrats to the English supporters. Good on their part, whitewash season not lasted long. Sri Lanka failed to keep alive one sided Asian dominance, for which I was hoping. But its okay, they were playing against number one team. Match result has paid some respect to the rankings. Swann played as per his goodwill. It will be hard for South Africa to solve English riddle. It would be another pleasing cricket to see.

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  • LION
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    8 years ago

    Yeah, Congrats to England, they played better than SL in second test.

    But i firmly believe there should have been a full test series (with 3 or 4 test matches) to confirm a winner. this is just a mini series.

  • 8 years ago

    Congratulations to all the English fans here. I was supporting Sri Lanka and was pretty disappointed with their effort. Swann is a fabulous bowler and he has proved it once more time.

  • 8 years ago

    It was a good win , surprised at how quickly they chased down the 90 odd after 4 days of slow batting.

  • 8 years ago

    Really proud of England. Finally showing why we are # 1. SA vs England this summer is going to be interesting and I'm really looking forward to it.

  • 8 years ago

    Yes they did well to hang on to their place in the rankings.Congrats England!

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