Tarot problem-Angel oracle cards?

Tarot Problem? Angel Oracle Cards?

I recently bought a pack of angel oracle cards. I am a beginner, and I have always wanted to practise tarot and become involved with it. Please tell me how I use them , and how it works.

Also, I would like to know what they have to do with the 78 cards in the usual tarot deck, with the majr and minor arcana. also, any other information would really help, this is my first time and I want to know as much as possible about it, I spend a lot of time away from school because I am disabled. I'm an atheist, but I still believe in the guidance of the tarot cards. If it helps, I'm 13.

Thanks! :)

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and please don't tell me that they don't work, or that they are only bits of card, because I don't want to hear it.

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I also want to add that I have a book about tarot, but this is about the 78 card deck.

I have a 33 card deck, each with it's own angel. This is not the normal type of tarot cards, but the angel oracle cards with a different angel on each card, e.g angel of forgiveness, angel of will etc.

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    The Angel Oracle has nothing to do with tarot. They are not tarot cards at all. Oracle decks are not the same as tarot decks. Each oracle deck is its own unique system. There are Angel Oracles, Fairy Oracles, Goddess Oracles, Rune Oracles, etc and each oracle is completely different than any other oracle while tarot decks all share the same system as each other. Oracle decks have no major or minor arcana, no suits, no "pip" cards and usually no court cards (although the odd Queen or King might show up but not in the same context as with tarot.) Books about tarot will not really help you with your Angel Oracle deck since tarot is a completely different system than your Angel Oracle deck.

    That said, you can probably read the Angel Oracle in a similar way as you would tarot. Read the book that came with your Angel cards and that should tell you how the creator intended those cards to be used and give you some guidelines about what each specific card might mean. The book that came with your deck should show you how to use your new cards.

    Usually tarot and oracle cards can be read directly from the image, so, after you've read the book and studied your cards a bit, start by laying down a spread (an arrangement of cards with each position having a different meaning, as suggested by your book.) If you can't find spreads in the book that came with your Angel deck, try one of the spreads that might be in your tarot book... experiment with that... stick to simple spreads at first with only a few cards and as you start to figure out how they work, you can move to the more complex spreads. When you lay down a spread, look at the image without reading the book and try to figure out what the image suggests... what is the person or creature on the card doing? What does it feel like? What would happen if you (or your seeker) started to act like the person or creature on the card?

    If you are interested in tarot, you'll need to find yourself an actual tarot deck. Look for decks that describe themselves specifically as "tarot" decks, not as "oracle" decks.

    The most recommended tarot decks to learn from are based on the Rider Waite deck… the Hanson-Roberts deck, Morgan Greer deck and the Fenestra deck are all good decks that are very close to the Rider Waite in their images. Any deck will do though… find one whose images appeal to you and that “speak” to you. More than anything, personal preference should be your first guide. Don't pick an RW clone deck just because you think you aught to... that can kill your appetite for tarot if you find it ugly.

    To choose a good deck for yourself you’ll want a deck that first of all you find appealing… something that will motivate you to use the cards. More importantly, however, you’ll want a deck that “speaks” to you. Find a sample image of one (or several) of the cards. Ask a somewhat random sample question and then look at the image… how would you answer your question if you pulled that card? If the answer comes fairly easily, then it might be a good deck. If it’s a struggle, then it might not be a good deck for you, even if you find it really beautiful.

    Best of luck,


    Source(s): tarot reader (I own over a dozen tarot decks and about 3 oracle decks. I prefer my tarot decks to my oracle decks, but that's just personal preference.)
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    These are the original Egyptian Tarot cards from which so many other Tarot decks derived.


    They are sacred and we are not allowed to ask any unserious question(like "how will be the weather tomorrow", "am I beautiful or not", yes-no questions,etc.); the question must be serious(for example "why don't I get a job yet?", "what can I do to solve my family problem?","why I still can't find my soulmate",etc.). Also they must be sanctified before use, not letting others touch them(they'll lose accuracy since they will be charged with your energy), make some prayers before asking the Tarot, asking our Inner Father(the Divine within us to answer our question through the cards- the cards don't give an answer on their own, it's our inner Being that gives the answer through them), we must cense them before asking, sitting in a protective circle and so on.

    Tarot cards are very attacked by Demons that is why we need to be careful not to use Tarot cards that you can find at any store, that are just derived from the originals and need to perform some protection stuff before using them. Cards being attacked by Demons=> attacking us too, our minds of course(I remember 2 dreams where one made incantations to my mind and I had to burn the cards).

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    Tarot is a series of seventy 8 enjoying cards- divided into 2 Arcanas- Majors and Minors. Majors are 22 enjoying cards numbered 0-21 and Minors are divided into 4 suits; Wands, Swords, money, Cups, simular to huge-unfold enjoying cards. they are numbered ace to 10 and then 4 courtroom (face) enjoying cards, web site, knight, queen and king. it rather is a Tarot deck in particular. Tarot replaced into not produced as a fortune telling deck. It started as a card activity it rather is simular to 'Spades' or "Bridge" it replaced into not until eventually approximately 4 hundred years later that Waite (along with his Rider deck) and Crowley (along with his Thoth deck) placed a tarot deck into flow with the objective of Divination. the two decks are based on the symbolic institutions discovered interior the 'Golden daybreak' An oracle deck has no format like tarot and can be any style of enjoying cards, diverse symbols...purely a deck of enjoying cards with an identical way of employing them, yet not based like tarot. Tarot isn't of the devil, it somewhat is not evil. I even have been a reader of enjoying cards for close to 2 decades and not something undesirable has ever got here approximately through fact of it. The enjoying cards weren't something yet effectual to me and for those I examine for. human beings shouldn't regurgitate such nonsense devoid of understanding first hand what they are speaking approximately.

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