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I need help tracking down information on Francisco Marroquin. If anyone can help with this please Message me I would really like to get info from where he did most of his work. I have very little to go by using just the internet and almost nothing in my school library. Please help ! ! !

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    Francisco Marroquín (1499 – April 18, 1563) was an early bishop of Guatemala and translator of Central American languages.

    Marroquín was born in Santander, Spain. He studied philosophy and theology at the University of Huesca. After entering the priesthood, Marroquín became a professor at the University of Osma where he met Bishop García de Loaisa, an adviser to Emperor Charles V.

    After first arriving in Mexico, he traveled to Guatemala with the soldier Pedro de Alvarado in May 1528. On April 11, 1530, he was appointed parish priest of Guatemala. On December 18, 1534, he was made bishop of Santiago and later provisional governor of Guatemala.

    Marroquín founded the School of Saint Thomas in 1559 (now the University of San Carlos of Guatemala) as part of his efforts to educate the native people. He became a scholar of the K'iche' language and published the first catechism in that language.

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