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I need help tracking down information on Francisco Marroquin. If anyone can help with this please Message me I would really like to get info from where he did most of his work. I have very little to go by using just the internet and almost nothing in my school library. Please help ! ! !

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  • 8 years ago
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    Francisco Marroquin did most of his work in the department of Quiche which is in the Northern highlands of Guatemala. He came here to help translate local Mayan languages in to Spanish so he could communicate religious messages to the native speakers. He now has a school in Zone 10 named after him, and he founded the University of San Carlos in 1559. Here is a link to some information about the department of Quiche.

    Here is some information on Francisco Marroquin.

    I've done very little reading or research on Marroquin personally, but I found a lot of books on Amazon that you may be able to access through a local library or maybe on a kindle. I would imagine most are in Spanish. If you can't read Spanish, make sure you check for that before buying the book.

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