My computer keeps freezing and I don't know whats wrong with it?

I'll have it on and I'll be using the internet just looking for things; pretty basic stuff and it will freeze and the screen goes like a frozen static. I have to press the button and hold it for 5 seconds to wait for the computer to turn off, and then turn it back on. I have scanned it and it has no virus. It was originally a Windows Vista HP computer, but I changed it to a Windows 7 Home Premium. It also has the Norton Security System.

Please Help.

I have already taken it to get it fixed and they said that they opened it up and cleaned it from the inside and said that it might have been over heating and it kind of stopped freezing for a while, but now it's doing it more often. Like every 30 min or less... :(

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  • 9 years ago
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    There are many causes why the computer slows down. First is the specs of your computer, is your specs has the minimum requirement for the program that you using. Now a days a ram of 1 gig is required for a computer. If the technicians said that you need to put more fan inside your computer to prevent it to overheat put an additional fan and try to put your computer on a cool environment. Second is program, it might be that your computer is not maintained well, try to download cc cleaner, it will clean your cache drive, look for unwanted programs and logs to clear space on your computer to increase speed. Uninstall programs that you are not using and check for spy wares. Try to defrag your computer. Lastly if all does not work, try to reprogram your computer as a last resort.

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    4 years ago

    undesirable Motherboard or CPU: characterised by ability of unexplained & random reboots, exhibit screen freezes, equipment locks. This takes me decrease back, some time past to A+ college, and palms On upkeep. Your maximum suitable guess, that the CPU is going and desires replaced, using fact that it rather is the main inexpensive of the two, attempt changing it, OR verify all cables interior the tower are seated properly and the RAM Modules are seated tightly, and in case you do open the tower, a minimum of floor your self by ability of TOUCHING AND keeping THE UNPAINTED backside OF THE TOWER, or maybe try this Barefooted to, will help from frying something which you touch in the tower, verify you have it grew to become off, unplugged, and NO CABLES attached. risk-free practices, risk-free practices Please.... reliable success

  • 9 years ago

    Sounds like a hard drive goin bad or your memory I would start with hard drive first

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