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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 8 years ago

Why would a clean cut well groomed Black Man be slamming Obama as a Fraud on the San Diego CA Light Rail Train?

I dressed very conservative for this ride on Public Transit, to avoid as little attention as possible, but this still failed. I just sat their innocent & pretty with all ears. This Guy boarded 15 minutes later stood tall and could really dismantle Obama beyond what I have ever heard from any one. The Light Rail was full of so called minorities in the Heavily Democrat Southeast District of San Diego. San Diego is really getting trashed and falling apart in the Democrat Voting Neighborhoods. When I lived in San Diego 20 years ago, places like Lemon Grove and City Heights were nice areas. I swear, I was the only Blonde who was riding the Rail and feeling like I was on the edge until this young Black guy started singing my tune. I was all ears, it was such a Delight to hear a young Black man complain out loud that Obama has trashed his family and destroyed their livelihood. The ride lasted an hour as we choo chooed through San Diego CA, "America's Finest City"...well it was back when the Republicans ran the place. I laughed and yelled "Obama Sucks Surf City Here I Come" as I made my exit to my Mustang and off to Surf City USA for ME. Mr Blue Sky - ELO A San Diego Favorite since 1976.....Scottsdale AZ My Home, can give a lesson to California Democrats how to run a clean safe and fun City in the Southwest American Republican Style.....Low Taxes and Patriotism and No Fluking Allowed.

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    I guess your "my ears heard a political song I liked" narrative doesn't know that San Diego is a total mess because of decades of entrenched conservative mayors who turned a blind eye to unfunded pension benefits for city employees.

    A vast majority of city council members are conservative, the city Attorney is a two-faced conservative who didn't care about corruption until Obama was elected, then all of a sudden signs went up for a few months telling people that workers comp fraud is a "crime", but unfunded pension benefits created by a retired payroll conservative who doubled his retiree pay, then conveniently retired not to San Diego, but to an undisclosed location in Colorado.

    Apparently it's only illegal to underfund pension benefits if you're a democrat and obviously, this would not have happened if a democrat was in charge of the pension guarantee before it became the long-running debacle that still exists in San Diego.

    Obviously, if your story is true, I feel sorry for the deceptively wrong information that guy was forced to swallow by the corporate blame the standard liberal pinata narrative media circus.

    Although I understand why the status quo prefers to blame non-existent liberal boogeyman for corporate malfeasance, than to blame the highly corrupt corporate dominated puppets on the city council that continues to be obsessed with constructing as many un-needed corporate building structures as possible with tax-payer money.

    I'm sorry, but Rodger Hedgecock was the mayor when I first came to town, he got a prime gig on radio after he was kicked out of office for taking bribes.

    Although I don't agree with his slant on politics, I do agree with one of his famous quotes regarding the corruption of city hall, loosely quoted, he said "It's not hard to see how easy it is to become corrupt while spending taxpayers money when the city has over a billion dollars of other peoples money to spend".

    There's only been one so-called moderate mayor during the 30 years I've lived here and her biggest scandal was that taxpayers were being forced to pay for her astronomical water bill each month of nearly $400, that was about 25 years ago, I currently pay almost $300 every two months, (which is a rip off, I suspect that the water rates are artificially high to help fund the illegal pension benefits, but that's all it is, speculation) .

    Source(s): Non-voluntary resident of corrupt, conservative dominated San Diego.
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  • 8 years ago

    I wondered what time you'd start ranting tonight! I'm glad it is early because I'm off here in a few!

    This post is too long!

    What kind of mustang do you own? My guess a 1976 mustang II!

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  • 8 years ago

    Are you a liberal plant trying to make Republicans look idiotic, insane and juvenile?

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  • 8 years ago

    Because liberals are the only ones who look at color when voting

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  • 8 years ago


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